• May 20, 2020

unfairly heavy fate. Its birth — an idea of one of local Russian manufacturers. He long time removed large breed of fighting dogs. For what purposes — to amuse the vanity, to arrange heavy bloody fighting, to use pets as a change in the business — we do not know. But we know that some of these individuals for some reason became suddenly unnecessary.


Что happened to the manufacturer? Whether the tail left not on given sizes, whether color of eyes also suited the owner or the shade of a hair did not approach under ideal representation of the man, it is difficult to tell. But from personal motives of the manufacturer the guy by the name of the Cross-country lost everything.

The little boy with very beautiful saturated color of color of coffee with milk, with improbable amber bottomless eyes found absolutely intimidated, slaughtered, tired out dog. Though externally he looks the strong, strong, courageous and reliable guy. Probably, he never also knew power of love of the person though he seeks to become the best friend.


Невероятно the sensitive look, conscious behavior, aspiration to please the person, to listen to all his words distinguish this guy. Clever, healthy, balanced, but the most important — madly nedolyublenny kid whose heat still glimmers in his soul. And in spite of the fact that it was grown up as change goods, he could grow in himself love to the person. From it he looks for every day a look of the person which will become for it everything in the faces of passersby. Let's show to this guy that inhumanity and consumerism — extremely rare lines which he any more any more will never face.

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