• Jan 22, 2020
the Elderly cat who in critical condition was found on the street in a cardboard box will remain to

in memory of those who cared for it.

When the koteyka who was called later the Old man was carried to clinic, people knew: long to him not to live. Too heavy there was its state, plus age … But also to lull an animal at anybody the hand was not raised.

 cat, window, bowl Photo: instagram.com/take_a_pet

We wrote about old, very thin cat in a cardboard box and in a worn-out medical body cloth who was found on the street at the beginning of November of last year. The dirty bandage hid the inflamed decaying tumor.

But fought for the Old man. Under a local anesthesia removed a tumor, every day put the strengthening droppers, gave drugs and vitamins. Koteyka was very lovely, tender. And eyes said him that he understands everything and is immensely grateful to people for care and kindness.

, pet, window, house Photo: instagram.com/take_a_pet

Let the Old man did not go to live time allowed to him to the house. But until the end of days was near people for whom it was not indifferent. Volunteers of group of the help "Take tail/Take_a_pet" cared for an old cat and steel for it if not family, then friends.

The Old man lived in heat and care four months, and left easily … And his friends who were with him all this time, admit that they will lack very much old, but such gentle cat with a gray-haired muzzle. The Old man from those animals who sink into the soul. Having recognized them once, it is already impossible to forget!

 cat, pet, house  cat, chair, animal, house

Photo: instagram.com/take_a_pet

Run on a rainbow, the Old man! Let to you it will never be sad and sore.

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