• Aug 14, 2019

The team visited Surf Coffee coffee shop in Minsk where it is possible to come with a dog, and communicated to Diana (the managing coffee shop).

 the Dachshund in cafe

mascot a dachshund Monica learned by the experience that hospitality of Surf Coffee coffee shop — not an empty phrase

to dogs you are glad to All and what rules of conduct of dogs in cafe?

To us the person with any dog can come, but, certainly, we expect that the owner of a dog will be responsible for public order. If the dog does not disturb other guests, then we are only glad.

 the Dachshund in cafe

There are no restrictions on the size of a dog. Often big dogs behave even more quietly, than small.

And how other visitors react? That you have a mastiff-frendli of cafe, only the sticker says.

As a rule, people only rejoice, smile, photographed with four-footed guests. Dogs give a lot of positive emotions!

 the Dachshund in cafe

How long you allow dogs to visit your cafe?

Summer of 2017 we were given the special status "mastiff-frendli", but also before some guests brought with themselves dogs. We never had with it problems. There is also a summer court yard where dogs can comfortably settle down. In general, the relaxed atmosphere in our institution assumes an opportunity to bring with itself the friend, not very well, how many at it legs.

 Dog-frendli of cafe

And if the dog jumps on a sofa or a chair?

Anything terrible if it has clean paws and there are no consequences just for decoration. But I think what the conscious owner always understands if he is published with a dog that it is necessary to observe the proprieties. As a rule, we are visited by well-mannered owners with well-mannered dogs.

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