• Oct 17, 2019

Dogs really are able to love. And as person, and each other.

Confirmation to it is history of two sobaken from a shelter in Moscow of the Bagel and Persimmon.

It is known, as during the homeless period of life they already were together. And now too are unseparable.

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Photo: instagram.com/victoria_kg

Even tails endure short partings sharply therefore eyes one from one are not lowered. It is interesting to observe how the brutal and strong Bagel allows tiny Persimmon any pranks. And often itself acts as the initiator of games. From other dogs lovers keep at a distance, protect the territory "for two".

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Photo: instagram.com/victoria_kg

Tails live in a shelter long ago, but, of course, dream of the cozy house. Future owners have to be ready: dogs together are given.

And the Bagel and Persimmon send to a holiday of lovers to all sweet hi!

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Photo: instagram.com/victoria_kg

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