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Mascots of the Olympic Games is the part of symbolics of the Olympic Games which since 1968 became obligatory. The country organizer uses this symbol as an additional source of financing, it is the property of Organizing committee of the Olympic Games.

As a rule, the symbol of the Olympic Games is represented by the animal, most popular in the country, or the invented animated character.

What were symbols of the Olympic Games?

a number of requirements is imposed To symbols of the Olympic Games.

First of all, each new symbol of the Olympic Games should not resemble previous. However, as its purpose – to reflect identity of the host country, it is meant by itself.

It is important that the symbol of the Olympic Games was protected from plagiarism as it is the registered trademark.

The symbol has to cause sympathies both in children, and in adults, support ideals of the Olympic Games (Perfection, Friendship, Respect) and to have the memorable name.

Considering all this before creating appearance of a mascot of the Olympic Games, its "legend" is carefully developed.

Became animals mascots of the Olympic Games:

    • Red Jaguar (Mexico City, 1968)
    • Valdi's Dachshund (Munich, 1972). The dachshund was chosen thanks to uncommon hunting qualities which have to be inherent in all athletes. And in Bavaria Valdi name all dachshunds - it is a common noun.
    • Beaver Amik (Montreal, 1976). A beaver – not only a symbol of Canada, but also a standard of diligence, will power, patience and persistence. And Amik and is translated from language of aboriginals of Canada – "Beaver".
    • Bear cub Mischa, Vigri seal (Moscow, 1980). A bear – a symbol of Russia therefore it was chosen also as a mascot. And Vigri became a mascot of competitions in sailing in Tallinn.
    • Roni's Raccoon (Lake Placid, 1980) – the first mascot animal stylized under the athlete. Represented Roni in the form of the skier.
    • the Eaglet Sam (Los Angeles, 1984) Oryol is a symbol of the USA, but also, artists of studio of Walt Disney represented an eaglet in a cylinder of colors of the American flag.  Symbols of the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games, animals, mascots On a photo: symbols of the Olympic Games of different years
    • Vuchko's Wolf cub (Sarajevo, 1984). The mascot symbolizes proximity of the person to the nature and friendship of animals and people.
    • Hodori's Tiger cub (Seoul, 1988). The Amur tiger – the hero of a set of the Korean legends, and the name was chosen by a popular vote. Hodori is translated as "boy".
    • Houdi and Heidi's Polar bears (Calgary, 1988). Names of bears are derivative of the word "hi" (English and the West American dialect).
    • Not purebred puppy of Cobi (Barcelona, 1992) Cobi is a hero of the popular telecast for children, and Spaniards so love it that was chosen as a mascot of the Olympic Games.  symbols of the Olympic Games, Olympic Games, animals

On a photo: symbols of the Olympic Games of different years

  • Owlets Tsukki, Lekki, Nokki and Sukki (Nagano, 1998) symbolize the Olympic wisdom. Not accidentally their four: it represents 4 seasons, 4 elements and also frequency of holding the Olympic Games.
  • Kukabara Ollie, duck-bill Cyd and Millie's echidna (Sydney, 2000). These animals live only in Australia and personify the sky, water and the earth. Ollie is reduced "Olympic Games", Cyd – reduction from Sydney, and Millie – from "millennium", the Olympic Games took place on the eve of the entry into the third millennium. By the way, at these Olympic Games there was also an anti-mascot resisting to the forces of good – Fetsou's wombat.
  • Bear Cole, Coyote Poppet and Doe hare Pouder (Salt Lake City, 2002). These animals are associated with motto "Quicker, Above, More Strongly!" A names children thought up.
  • Fuva (Beijing, 2008) is the four of the animals, most popular in China, personifying 4 elements: water, earth, sky and forest, plus fire. And Fuva as "Children of good luck" is translated. This is Bae-bey (blue fish – the patron of water sports), Jing-Jing (a black panda – the patron of weightlifting and single combats), Ying-Ying (a yellow antelope – the patron of track and field athletics) and Ni-Ni (a green swallow – the patron of gymnastics). The fifth element Huan-Huan (red Olympic flame) is the patron of team sports.
  • MiG – "hybrid" of a killer whale and polar illusive bear and Kuatchi – the yeti (bigfoot) (Vancouver, 2010) Kuatchi dreams to become a hockey player, and MiG adores snowboarding.
  • Mandeville and Venlok (London, 2012) – one-eyed beings, similar to aliens. Venlok was called in honor of the city of MAh Venlok where competitions which inspired Pierre de Coubertin on revival of the Olympic Games were held. And Mandeville was called in honor of Stouk Mandevill hospital – the first games for disabled people in 1948  symbols of the Olympic Games animals, Olympic Games, animals, mascot
  • Hare, Polar bear and Leopard (Sochi, 2014)
  • Vinsius and Tom (Rio-de-Zhaneyro, 2016 g.) Vinsius – the yellow small animal reminding a cat, and Tom – a plant. These mascots called in honor of musicians Tom Zhobim and Vinsius di Morais.
  •  symbols of the last Olympic Games, mascot, Olympic Games

Olympic Games 2018 Symbol

The white tiger of Sukhoran became a symbol or a mascot of Olympic Games 2018 in Pyeongchang – he is considered the sacred keeper of all animals.

 the White tiger Sukhoran - Olympic Games 2018 mascot

One more mascot of the current Olympic Games – the Himalaya bear of Pangdabi – a symbol of courage and will to win.

As you can see, the tiger and a bear become symbols of the Olympic Games not for the first time.

Than Olympic Games 2018 will still be remembered to fans of animals?

Animals "participated" in Olympic Games 2018 not only as mascots. For the whole world history of the Canadian figure skater who won gold Megane Duhamel sounded. The girl saved a dog who has to be killed and eaten.

 the Figure skater Megane Duhamel and the saved dog

The figure skater will bring the saved dog home, to Canada. And there to an animal will find new owners – at Megane Duhamel of the house already there live a cat and two dogs.

The kind girl more than once helped animals. Last year she brought 2 dogs from Korea, one of whom (Mu-taye dachshund) she kept. The second dog was sheltered by other family.

At Megane Duhamel big plans: she is going to be late in Korea after the termination Olympic Games and to try to achieve closing of several dog farms. The sportswoman hopes that her colleagues will follow the noble example. In Korea every year kill on meat about 2,000,000 dogs.


How the situation with eating of dogs in other countries is, it is possible to esteem in the blog Volanda .

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