• Jan 22, 2020

the Lodger of zoohotel in Volozhin, good-natured a mongrel Skye, arrived to America to become the friend to the disabled boy.

To find family for thrown, betrayed, to nobody the necessary tails – a task not simple. Curators under the care of whom there are homeless animals always feel responsibility: want to be confident as much as possible in future owners – those will not throw, will not betray, will not break heart of the living beings who believed in them.

Recently addressed founders of zoohotel in Volozhin Elena and Igor Kreynisam even from America. People asked to help them to find the kindest and gentle tail which would become the friend to the sick boy.

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Photo: instagram.com/skyesteiner

What dog to send across the ocean, spouses understood at once. On Skye the choice fell not casually: dog young, active and incredibly kind. He adores people, trusts and trusts everyone. The cheerful tail of all loads with energy and a positive.

And here a good news comes from America: Skye taught to smile the owner. The boy since the birth the disabled person. He cannot independently move and even eats with work.

Skye, the good girl, understood at once what from it is required and to whom it has to become the friend. It does not depart from the owner, selects food which falls when that eats, all day long licks his face and hands. Parents rejoice: thanks to Skye, the son began to smile. And it is worth a lot!

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Photo: instagram.com/skyesteiner

And for the sake of it Skye needed to save life. A puppy it got under the car wheels. It broke back pads. But for Skye fought! Not indifferent people picked up the kid, brought to clinic, paid operation and treatment. Then there was a long rehabilitation. The dog anew learned to go … It got to volozhinsky zoohotel already healthy, only thin and ill-bred.

And there were also "well-wishers" who advised not to suffer and lull a dog. But those who cared for Skye, fortunately, did not make it. The dog recovered and now helps to live and rejoice to the Person.

 dog, pet, house, carpet  dog, animal, house, floor
Photo: instagram.com/skyesteiner

Such is the law of a boomerang: the good surely is restored. We save animals, and they help us.

Be happy, Skye, in the new life! It is necessary and love!

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