• May 11, 2018


Recently we published a story about how with in the face of a dog five her puppies killed , and only one survived. We monitored development of this story and we share with our not indifferent readers. And, by the number of comments and offers of the help, very much and there is a lot of them.

Now mother by nickname Milena and her baby who was named Lisa are on paid overexposure. Thanks to much responded to a request for financial support, for dogs it was succeeded to find the good place for life. They gradually restored a diet, studied teams, were socialized. The last was given especially difficult, not easy after the incident anew to trust people. However mother and the baby cope, feel much better, surrounded with love and care.

As for guilty persons in this situation, them, unfortunately, it was not succeeded to find and call for responsibility. Not guilty animals are responsible for the event only in anything.

If you want to learn more or to help, contact the curator Svetlana, having passed to her соц. page.


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