• Jan 4, 2020

Ruth Eddikott's History:

"For the first time I met Eyvol on a threshold of own house in December, 2016. It was incredibly nice: black ears, white marks and fluffy white tummy. I then scratched it behind an ear, and it was friendly rubbed about my legs. I do not know from where it then to me came.

I work at the railroad in shifts therefore sometimes came home absolutely late. But he waited for me also in such days. I should have driven only on the street, he right there directed behind car, ran forward and fell on a back, waiting until I approach and I will scratch to him a tummy. I never fed him and did not even think never liked to take away cats to myself. I always had only dogs.

Eyvoly it was called by my friend. The cat had no sewed microchip therefore we put on him a paper collar and periodically it was changed, and still stuck announcements of the found cat everywhere. But nobody responded.

It came to me every day within three months. Every time, slamming behind itself a door, I saw him through glass who is staring wide-eyed at me. He mewed everything and mewed, asking for the house. It simply broke off to me heart therefore in March, 2017 I, at last, decided to take away it to myself.

photo: theguardian.com

At first it was frightening because at me 15 years there lives a parrot. And there was no wish to become the witness of a sketch "the cat eats a parrot" to me definitely. But, fortunately, they made friends. Eyvol worried a little as soon as he got to the house, uncertainly went around and sniffed at everything, and in the next second already rushed on all rooms at a full speed.

I live alone in the house with three bedrooms therefore to it it is a lot of freedom here. Initially it chose to itself(himself) one of empty rooms, but in few weeks already got over in my bed. It very sociable and surely always loudly notified that it here, in the room … even at 3 o'clock in the morning.

I then did not know how in general to look after cats. With Eyvol everything was not so simple. It appeared, it is hard for it to find food which would well be acquired. One of my friends bought it a toilet with a door that the cat could enjoy loneliness. And when he got used to all this, we still sewed to him the chip and treated from fleas.

I took to myself Eyvol just when my 80-year-old grandmother was hospitalized. Next day mother called me and asked to arrive urgently there. I understood that something is not right. When I reached hospital, the grandmother was in intensive care, the grandfather and mother already were near it. At all it was very heavy at heart. The grandmother always was my the best

girlfriend. I then took her by hand and told: "Oh, I have a cat now". And the grandfather right there gave out: "Well, and why he is necessary to you?" And it even relieved the tension a little.


I do not know whether she heard me then, but I think, it very much would like Eyvol. The grandmother died that night. And I arrived home and from a grief fell down a floor. To me it was very bad, it was difficult to breathe. Eyvol then went down from the second floor and laid down near me, almost on me. He rushed to me with such force that I for a second ceased to cry.

After a while I went to visit other grandmother in nursing home. Told that got a cat whom, by the way, brought on a lead to show her. It was necessary to see expression of her face! In several months her brother died, and then behind him also it left. I lost three friends almost in at one time: two of them it is absolutely unexpected. During a certain period I visited a funeral three times in one week. And it was awful.

I lost six friends and family members in 4 months. The stress accompanied me everywhere, to me it was bad so that I began a depression and I could not work any more. Hair began to drop out.

Eyvol very much helped me. He was always near, loudly purred, putting one paw on me. As if knew what occurs. He forced me to be roused – it seemed even simply to go to feed with achievement him. At last, in 4 months I returned to work. And every time approaching the house after change, I noticed in a window of patiently waiting Eyvol. He as though was my little guardian angel.

Now hair slowly to me return, and Eyvol became a finalist in a competition of the cats who played an important role in the help to the owners.

Even it as a result was pleasant to the grandfather. Though he also repeats constantly "Ah, this damned cat" when it seems to it that nobody sees, it will surely scratch it behind an ear.

Eyvol became for me the reason to rise from a bed, to smile and reconcile to what occurred. I do not know, kind of lived without him this year".


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