• Sep 16, 2020

of the Dog, living in shelters, nevertheless remain dogs, as other representatives of a look also have the same need. That it is necessary for dogs in shelters?

The Puppy Podlezat under a Photo Crossbeam Close Up
of the Photo: pixabay.com

Dogs appear in a shelter for various reasons. Some are left by the former owners, others get from the street there. Whatever circumstances brought a dog into a shelter, she needs normal quality of life. If the dog lives in abnormal conditions, she cannot normally behave, at her bad habits are formed "", so, chances to find new family decrease.

Basic needs of dogs are stated within the concept 5 freedoms , however not all shelters are able to provide even this necessary minimum. And if with feeding most often the situation more or less safe, then the majority of other requirements, alas, remains unsatisfied. At least, it concerns the majority of shelters in the former Soviet Union.

So, for example, in many shelters of a dog live in the grown poor environment and have no opportunities to communicate with the same person alone enough time. With dogs it is also necessary to walk at least 2 hours a day, and for shelter limits that they received enough new impressions and had an opportunity to behave as dogs, that is showed normal vidotipichny behavior. With dogs it is necessary to be engaged, train them – by humane methods.

Too large number of dogs not always allows to provide to inhabitants shelter comfortable living conditions, they are restricted on very limited space, and personnel or volunteers are often not able to notice whether it is good this or that animal feels, and in time to help.

If the dog shows problem behavior, it is necessary to work with it competently. Whether and in all shelters there are rather qualified people?

Unfortunately, still popular belief that it is worth taking away a dog, for example, from the street in a shelter, and in her life at once everything will get better. Alas, most often it far not so.

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