• Aug 13, 2019

Will resemble the new pet previous?

On the edge of a sky there is Radugi Bridge. The died animals, especially if they were loved, appear where can run and play on boundless meadows and hills. There is a lot of light and heat, all have enough water and food, is comfortable and warm …

Bridge of a Rainbow of a Photo

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"I believe that we will meet … again"

Quite so a story about Radugi Bridge — the mythical place of a next world where pets meet the owners again begins. A story about Radugi Bridge is very popular around the world though her author is still not known. Authorship is attributed to the American psychologist Paul Charles Dam who published the poem and the book "Radugi Bridge", to William Britton who wrote the book of "Legendy Radugi Bridge", doctor Wallace Sayf, the author of the poem "All Animals Get to Heaven".

Anyway, many owners, lost the pet , prefer to believe that death is not the end, and they still will meet the favourites.

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And still believe that soul of the left pet returns — let and in a new body. And sometimes people try "to return" the former pet, having brought another on his place — but at the same time expecting that he will be the exact copy of the predecessor. Hope — and sometimes face the deepest disappointment.

"But they are so similar …"

Sometimes when choosing a new animal owners are guided by appearance, disregarding features of breed. For example, if they held a volkopodobny mongrel, then get huskies. Or those who lost a small red sleek-haired mongrel with a tail a ringlet, choose a basenji. And in it, certainly, there is nothing bad. But at the same time owners believe that if dogs are similar externally, they will and behave equally. And this — at all not the fact.

One more widespread myth — that if to take a new dog of the same breed, as previous, they will be identical and on character.

Yes, it is valid, each breed was removed with a specific goal, and there are certain pedigree features. For example, if you take huskies, that is some bases to expect that the dog will be is a burden by not three-hour walk. And the Central Asian sheep-dog, most likely, will cope with protection of a personal plot. However even children from one family often, having even resembled externally, have absolutely different characters. And at dogs the break off between representatives of the same breed can be quite big.

What to do if the melancholy for the left pet is intolerable, and the house without it became empty? Take the new pet can be the excellent decision. But at the same time it is worth remembering that each of them is a personality. Unique and unique. The beginner will hardly replace to you the former friend, but can become one more — let to another, unlike, but same true and favourite.

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