• Sep 20, 2019

Excess weight — a big problem which can lead to very unpleasant consequences: pulmonary disease, diabetes, weak heart … All this at all not jokes. Also it becomes very sad when people bring the favourite pets to such state.

When Kaya, the hybrid of a Labrador and a retriever, brought in a shelter, it weighed 73 kg. It became absolutely heavy to look after it and therefore his family just decided to get rid of it. If people with kind heart did not interfere with a situation, just would lull Kai, without having given it chance to live full-fledged life.

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photo: smalljoys.tv

Workers of a shelter and veterinarians contacted the organization for rescue of animals which took away it to itself and defined on overexposure to the girl by the name of Pam.

She remembers: "It was so big that everything for it was huge work. He very much panted, even just moving on the house. I was afraid that it at any time can have a heart attack".

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photo: smalljoys.tv

Pam seriously was engaged in Kai's health. She put it into a strict diet, held physical trainings, walked with it in the park much, even bought the special underwater racetrack.

Efforts both of them paid off: in 6 months Kai dumped 50 kg.

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photo: smalljoys.tv

So, the dog, the faith in whom was lost by own owners, thanks to the developed circumstances and wonderful people, managed to overcome a set of difficulties. Now Kai a little in what differs from other quadrupeds, likes to walk and every day pleases the owners.

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