• Feb 12, 2019

If to click a lock of the camera and to make a photo in the dark, the animals avoiding sunlight, who were reflected in the photo will surprise and will strike with the originality and dissimilarity on representatives of fauna habitual to the inhabitant. Mysterious beings inhabit tangled caves, sea depths, the deepest holes where sunlight does not get.

The animals avoiding sunlight: shots in the dark

Collection of photos

The book about never the beings seeing sunlight was published recently and received the name "Life in the dark" . It is the collection of a huge number of the photos made by the photographer Finelli for many years when he searched for places where the exotic representatives of fauna avoiding sunshine live. On pages of the photobook the author imprinted surprising creatures, many of which are light sources.

Living in complete darkness

Not all living beings, contrary to ordinary opinion, reach for sunlight. There is a set of the facts demonstrating that many live organisms in the dark show the greatest activity:


  • At night there is a lengthening of sprouts of plants.
  • In this mysterious time of day just hatched turtles make the way to the ocean.
  • If at summer night to open a window more widely, air is filled with songs of crickets and grasshoppers which it is not heard in the afternoon.

When it comes about the animals living without access of sunshine the first inhabitants of sea depths occur.

Bright representatives of community of such deep-water fishes are:

  • black fish dragon — the owner of a set of sharp transparent teeth and the shining shoot small lamp on a chin;
  • the anglerfish hunting by means of a special shoot on which end the small ball shines.

are Not less interesting also inhabitants of empty, at first sight, caves.

generally there live:


  • The bats of Titanium in the afternoon spending time in a dream, having muffled in wings and having hooked by pads for a ledge on a cave wall, and at night, clapping wings, taking off on hunting.
  • Large species of the spiders including reaching 10 cm in the diameter which are not needing sunshine.
  • The population of the Grotto of Glowworms in New Zealand. Thanks to light radiated by these insects, the arches of a cave seem in the covered myriads of stars.
  • Inhabitants of underwater caves: Crustacea, mollusks, amphibious.

Main features

The feature relating almost to all representatives of fauna living without the sun is the total or partial absence of sight. They have a number of adaptive reactions thanks to which other sense organs replace visual, for example:

  • incredibly thin hearing and ability to feel the slightest vibrations at bats;
  • lack of pigmentation at some species;
  • ability of some representatives of fauna to radiate light.

Is remarkable that the majority of the animals preferring darkness are relicts of ancient representatives of land fauna, in particular, in caves of Transcaucasia scientific the representatives of tropical types who remained since the tertiary period are found.

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