• Jun 26, 2020

The baby by the name of Shelley was marked out by the nature at the birth. Its distinctive feature — improbable eyes. Her soft, warm, sparing, shrouding with tenderness look will cure any sincere wound. Sadly only from the fact that nobody still healed sincere wounds of Shelley.


Шелли since the childhood was necessary hardly. It was necessary to get to itself food and a shelter independently. To cope with vital scrapes, sometimes dangerous and irreversible, it was also necessary alone. One of such street incidents left the baby without hinder leg.

Shelley was found in such deplorable state that heart faded and stopped. Rags of hardly begun to live leather, dirty, with the dried blood hanged down from bone splinters. To doctors it was necessary to work long and laboriously to smooth things over, process wounds and to put an extremity in order, having avoided infections and the subsequent injuries.


Шелли, besides her improbable keenness, kindness and understanding, has also other magnificent qualities. Madly hardy, courageous and wise baby knows life and will not spend time for empty. She is about three years old, the well-groomed, sterilized and imparted girl perfectly adapted to three pads and feels confident.


Приучена to walking, is able to wait and suffer. And still it very attentive and careful. It is a pity that so far nobody appreciated its excellent qualities. The ideal dog vanishes without family.

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