• Jan 24, 2020

Only a year, appears, can change life upside down and turn it in the good party!

The three-year-old baby bear cub by nickname Ives was found on the eve of Christmas in 2017. She was absolutely alone behind trash cans, weak, exhausted and absolutely without wool because of a skin infection.

Because of a disease and a lack of food, Eve looked absolutely little, at first sight, years are not more senior. But, having examined her teeth, veterinarians concluded that, actually, she is about 3-4 years old.

photo: people.com

the baby fought All 2018 and recovered under supervision of the center of the help to wild animals in the USA. His employees to the last very much hoped that in the future the bear cub will manage to be returned to the wild nature, but everything appeared not so simply.

Eve was too sick and after several years of accommodation near the city was not afraid of people at all. Its wool did not grow so yet to protect it from cold in cold winter. All these problems forced the staff of the center to make the weighed decision – any more will not return to the wild nature of Ives. It will simply not be capable to survive one.

photo: people.com

the center concerned All 2018 a bear cub, as the candidate for return to the wood therefore treated it as with a wild animal, and minimized contacts with people. But now, when its future became known, Ives slowly is accustomed to people and medical examinations more.

Ives is a remarkable bear cub. It very vigorous and curious, despite the affected health. She likes to clamber on trees and to bathe.

photo: people.com

B Ives will move 2019 to the new house – the reserve in the southern part of the country. Good luck to it and the speedy recovery!

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