• Aug 14, 2019

Russia, Moscow, carry a bear on streets, and he plays a pipe — video promptly collects likes in Instagramm., It seems, everything is logical — an ancient Russian entertainment, compliance to a country stereotype at foreign tourists, marketing specialists good fellows … or villains ….
It is possible to argue long on humanity, civilization, the rights of animals, but right now just there is a wish to ask a question to everyone who it sees — And you would like to appear on the place of this bear?

P.S. Looking at all this, the novel by Pierre Boole "Planet of Monkeys" occurs or of the same name the movie Matt Reeves — it is good to a target="_blank" rel= "external noopener noreferrer" to enter such works into the school program, can be a creative at modern marketing specialists was reduced.

A what you think about it? …

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