• Jun 5, 2018

Appearance of a cat in the house is always many positive emotions, new impressions, the pleasant moments. How it is possible to offend such beautiful and graceful animal some improper nickname?! Unfortunately, such phenomenon rather widespread and and cats are selected without any serious approach. If you do not know how it is possible to call a kitten the girl and Murk or Mashka's nicknames it are not pleasant to you, then our article will be interesting.

How to choose a name for a cat girl?

The cat in the house is the new, purring and having a tail, but also fluffy family member. And each family member has to have a name. But how to call a kitten the girl – such question many newly made owners of an animal ask. Many make a start from personal preferences, for example, when some woman's beautiful name or the heroine is pleasant. Also various features of the kitty are used: color, habits, marks, breed and other. All this is clear, but not all important points of that, is beautiful to call an animal.

It is important that the name not simply was suitable for a cat on some lines, but was beautiful and captured the individual essence of an animal. Besides, it has to be not too long and it is pleasant to sound. Think that the thought-up name you will call up to yourself the pet, having come into the house, to call to food. Accurately and loudly it will be difficult to tell some long and not really surazny name even to you, and to learn not that to the pet.

And here what sounds are caught by animals best of all and distinguished in a name, about it look at video from Maritami TV.

And how to be in case an animal thoroughbred from a family tree from nursery where often cat's names consist of several words? It is not necessary to despair as it is always possible to make a short sonorous nickname of several words. For example, Dzhereldina Claude Amura it is possible to reduce easily to just Amura or Dzhera.

Well and how to be when cat's nicknames are a woman's name. It is, perhaps, the most frequent example and the most widespread case in how to call a cat. But we would not advise at once to stop on such option, especially if someone from your acquaintances has such name or even relatives. Well, an exception, perhaps, it is possible to tell only the rare ancient names, type Roxana, Marfa and other and also foreign. But let's talk about it in more detail.

of the Variation on cat's nicknames

Some animals from the very first day or even hour of stay in the house show as to call them. Some so pacified and pride that the best nickname, than the Countess or Baronesa, you will also not think up. On just Murka or Sonk the alumna will not respond. Also often happens successfully at once to notice special line of a cat so that, apparently, she adapts to a name. And what to do if no option in the head climbs and nothing from thought up approaches? Here it is worth addressing the imagination.

So, we will consider several options where it is possible to find the field for creativity in selection of a nickname for cats of girls.

Classification of names

  • Appearance of the pet — nicknames of cats can reflect their striking traits of appearance. For example, how it is possible to call a cat the girl on a color? To look narrowly at specks or strips. So there are such popular nicknames for cats as the Night, Caramel, the Turtle, the Mistake and other.
  • In honor of something and someone – one more option where it is possible to find beautiful names for cats. For example, you the fan of music and then zamurlycht a murlyk at you as the Flute or Soprana. There is an idol from show business? Well no offense he can call and the alumna: Madonna, Merelin, Britney and other.
  • Animated cartoons and cinema is, perhaps, a bottomless bowl of imagination where names for a nickname of cats meet nearly continually. Here to you and cool nicknames for cats Masyanya, Rapunzel, Mickey and big names for cats of girls Bagira, Zara, Romanuel and other.
  • Line of behavior – as to you nicknames of cats of Stesnyash, the Lynx, the Thunderstorm or the Mischievous child and Igrunya? All these cool nicknames for cats reflect some main trait of character or behavior of an animal.
  • Myths and legends – mythical beings and legendary heroines excite imagination. And what if there lives the Athena, Hera, Zena or Aphrodite at your place?
  • Fashion – the never-ending field of creativity for selection of a nickname to a cat, to be exact for the real glamourous murka. Chanel, Givenchy, Estelle are only simple examples of very beautiful nicknames.
  • The English dictionary – look in the dictionary of foreign words beautiful for the name which in translation are somehow connected with your alumna. For example, Vindi – windy, Hani – the darling, Rose – a rose and other.
  • Place names, coins, the countries – Africa, Yuan, California, the Emirate and others – all these nicknames of cats were taken from the huge encyclopedia. If you have such or any other book on geography and travel too, can safely open and choose names. It always sounds beautifully and unusual names for cats turn out.

It is important! If you had once a kitty and you very much miss her, do not try "to muffle" melancholy new kittens, having called by their same name. It is a bad sign.

Also it is impossible to use rough, offensive, abusive words, ridiculous names and nicknames. Always consider the choice and put in it sense, having for fun named Oposum once it is possible to fight then against a habit the territory all the time. Sacred names and names of deities also fall under a taboo.

of the Nickname in alphabetical order

Alphabet letter

A nickname for a cat


Ayres, Ays-krim, Assol, Anfisa, Aphrodite, Amura (Amurka), Arisha, Anjelica, Aelita, Azalea, Amanda, Africa, Orange, Harp, Anabel.


Bagira, Speaking in a deep voice, Brusnichka, Buffy, Barbie, Britney, the Baroness, Beatrice, Bianka, the Butterfly (Батерфляй), Berta, Byyuti, Beverley.


Freckle, Vanilla, Vanessa, Vasilisa, Venus, Valencia, Cherry, Wendy.

Harmony, Hermione, Scale, Gabriel, Countess, Grunya, Geeta, Grace, Gray, Glamurk, Gabbi, Hera.


Jesse, Dzhella, Julia, Ginger, Darci, Daiquiri, Dzhozefina, Diadem, Gioconda, Miracle, Thumbelina, Donya, Dyush.


Evlampiya, Evra, Eudoxia, Eve, Europe.

Pearl, Jacqueline, Zhanneta, Josephine, Zhasminka, Giselle.


Zabavka, Star, Zefirka, Zuleyka, Zemfira, Zyusha.


Highlight, Ilyuzziya, Toffee, Izolda, Sparkle, Irma, Indigo, Igrulya.


Cassiopeia, Caramel, Drop, Kaprizka, Blot, Cleopatra, Calypso, Cassandra, Katharine, Kenya, Katana, Coquette, Candy, Queen, Krasulya.


Lila, Lapul, Lucian, Lavender, Ladushka, Lady, Leyla, Linsi, Lyubava, Latisha.


Murashka, Tangerine, Michel, Mary, Magdolina, Malvina, Margo, Mexico, Madonna, Meggie, Fruit-paste sweet, Maslinka, Dream, Monica, Mirabel, Miranda, Merry.


Mollycoddle, Night, Forget-me-not, Nymph, Mink, Nora, Naomi, Nektarina, Niagara, Nicole, Note, Nyusha.


Ochre, Cloudlet, Audrey, Joy, Ozarina, Octave, Olympia, Orchid, Ophelia, Olivia.


Bee, Patricia, Pakokhontas, Panochka, Peggy, Pippi, Polly, Princess, Charm, Puffi.


Rochelle, Rapunzel, Rafaelka, Roxie, Roxana, Rusya, Point, Rachael, Rysk, Camomile, Joy, Rada.


Snowball, Stesha, Stephanie, Sabrina, Cecilia, Sandra, Salsa, Siamka, Samara, Sandra, Santa, Oriental cherry, Sirafima, Sonya, Sonnet.


Meek creature, Tiffany, Theresa, Terra, Tigran, Tiberiya, Tosk, Cloudlet, Tequila, Tomishka.


Clear head, Maker, Umka, Uska.


Fairy, Doll, Fury, Fiona, Fasolka, Violet, Fimka, Gadget, Fiji, Fortuna, Francesca, Frida.


Havroshka, Heppi, Helge, Predator, Hrizantemka, Charisma.


Queen, Floret, Tsarevna, Tsiganka.


Shulya, Shakira, Chanel, Chantal, Charlotte, Feature, Charlotte, Spy.


Chernushka, Bilberry, Chernyshka, Charodeyka, Cherry, Chita.


Elisabeth, Esmiralda, Elite, Edyta, Elisa, Elvira, Emanuel, Aemilia, Escada, Estelle, Ethiopia, Elf, Aesthete.


Southerner, Jukka, Yuji, Yustina, Young.


Berry, Yanetta, Yasona, Jascha, Yasya, Bright.

Nicknames for cats on letter "A"







Nicknames for cats on letter "B"







Nicknames for cats on letter "G"







Nicknames for cats on letter "D"







Nicknames for cats on letter "E"







Nicknames for cats on letter "Zh"





It is desired


Nicknames for cats on letter "I"







Nicknames for cats on letter "O"







Nicknames for cats on letter "P"


radon Roddy





rocket Rally

Nicknames for cats on letter "Ts"







Nicknames for cats on letter "Ch"







Nicknames for cats on letter "E"







Nicknames for cats on letter "Ya"






jolly boat Yalvina

Thinking out a name to the person, we think of whether it suits it and what is enclosed in it sense. Animals need it too, and therefore choosing for it a nickname, it is necessary to think carefully.

When the person takes a kitten from club, often is that manufacturers already named this animal who is written down in his documents. Or they enter there the first letter on which the nickname of a cat has to begin. Many clubs draw such conclusions for the reasons, from features of the pet or considering names of parents of such cat.

But when the owner, has an opportunity to give a nickname to the four-footed friend — it needs to be made intelligently. Because compound names or double, are very difficult uttered and it will be very difficult for cat to remember it.

the Short name – the key to success

Scientists claim that short nicknames are easily remembered by pets, and therefore it is better if in them there are only two syllables. Besides the first sounds the kitten hears accurately, and all the rest for him only noise.

It is still important that these sounds consisted of soft, thin letters (я, у, и, a) and from hissing (ч, к, ш, с, x). Experts noticed that for this reason cat's breeds always respond on call "ks-ks-ks".

It is natural that the choice of a name stands behind you and if in it there are no these letters, then this your right. If the baby lives in your house since the birth and from these days hears the same word in the address, he, most likely, will quickly remember it.

If an opportunity most was presented to the person to call the cat or a cat, then in this case it is possible to use the imagination. For example, if you think up the word which designates nothing, then your cat will be unique (for example, Vinsuri, Leprina).

Still names can be selected from place names, not very well the cities it or the rivers. Believe, such as the Samara, St. Petersburg, Amazon or Saturn very easily take root into human life, it is easy to remember and please them the acquaintances with such nickname.

Unusual nicknames

Such nicknames can spontaneously appear, having heard some word or having seen, the hero on a TV screen. It is possible to remember how you were tenderly called by mother in the childhood (Venichka, Lucie, Pusya, Masya) or the nickname from the yard (the Lightning, Rex, the Pool).

The person can remember how called his pet in the childhood or some neighbour's. Such nicknames will scold the owner up to the soul depth, influencing as nostalgia. Having remembered the childhood, perhaps, you will be occurred by beautiful names from your favourite cartoon serials (Leopold, Matroskin, Umka).

Unusual names for you can be foreign or ancient, for example, Evnika, Samson, Eyva, Alice, Nimrod.

Many owners, choosing a nickname to the fluffy friend, are guided by season or month of the birth of kittens and also on their appearance or character.

, proceeding from such observations, extraordinary names appear:

  • Augustus;
  • Speck;
  • Saffron milk cap;
  • Turbo;
  • Sleepyhead;
  • Ray.

If your kitty is very tender, always purrs and rubs about legs, then easily she will suit all the known name Murka (Murchik). However if the male at you very important person also behaves aristocratically, then and the name is necessary for him corresponding (Grozny, the Nevsky, Sylvester, Sofya, Theresa).

When the owner wants to give a nickname to kittens according to their character, it is the best of all to make it for females. Why? Because after the birth all pets very playful and active, however, later only nothing, usually males turn into silent, solid and important pets. And therefore having given the nickname Arrow, to a cat who will sleep for day without a break, you will embarrass yourself.

For these reasons call cats, leaning on their color, features or having thought up something for the reason.

It is logical that more strict solid names are necessary for pets who have a dark color of the fur coat. It is possible to think up anything: Black, Graf, Neo, Piece of coal. Though even if to call a cat the Blot, a name which sounds not so strictly, but it will suit it very much under appearance and will please people around. It is natural that light kittens need more tender and soft names, for example: Down, Snowball, Lyalya, Zephyr.

For owners of a red color to pick up a nickname work as it can be chosen proceeding from color of the pet does not consist. It is possible to think up something unique in the sort Pumpkin, Peach, Abrikosk or Garfield. Still some people claim that such solar cats bring wealth to the house of owners.

If to adopt this fact, then the cat can be nicknamed the Money, Manya, Kopek. Also all the known fact that having become the adult, such cat will dement all the self-check in the district, and therefore the name Amur or the Lickspittle very much will suit it.

It is possible to call the cats having a gray fur coat respectively – the Smoke, Grey or Gray.

Thoroughbred cats

Now we will talk about those cat breeds which have exotic roots.

Treat them:

  • the Siamese;
  • the Scottish;
  • the Egyptian;
  • the Thai;
  • Persian cats.

Such cat breeds need to name respectively their origin. Many people, considering it, begin to think out nicknames of ancient gods. But to avoid incidents, better all for a start to know what god is and than he is remarkable.

, proceeding from such knowledge, you will be able to define whether such name suits your favourite small animal. If nevertheless you stand on giving to kittens divine names, then it is simple to find them. All famous gods: Ра, Prometheus, Astarta, Zeus, Athena, etc.

If you have the American breed of a cat, then choose some cheerful, cowboy's nickname for the animal.

Persians, it is necessary to call with east bents. Or, proceeding from the fact that often, their muzzles flat that gives them a lovely look, call them tenderly. They will suit names: Буся, Musya, Tits, Pass, Kisya, Kotya, Richie, Masya, Dzi-Dzyo.

Ridiculous names for animals

Having included the imagination, people can call the four-footed fluffies somehow. When the kitten is born in snow winter, why not to call him Winter, the Snowball (Snowball), the Snowdrift or Moroz?

Yes, to choose a nickname is a difficult process! And if you managed to choose nothing from above-stated, then think still slightly. Do you have a car? Call it the brand or model of this animal. If is not present, then remember the darlings (Nissan, Lexus, Lada, Porsche, KIA, Cruz).

If you brave and the person of strict education, then the pet has to correspond to you therefore call it the Major, the Governor, the Captain, the Sergeant. However such nicknames have to though a little to correspond to the owners.

Again nothing was picked up? Means, give a nickname to the cat ordinary which is most of all widespread in your area (Marsik, Birsik, Vaska, Murka, Knopa, Danya). However it would be desirable that your animal was original and unlike others. If your cat or a cat remind someone to you, their character is pronounced, then call them as it matches their description or calling.

For people who trust in signs there will be consolatory that thought that names of pets which sozvuchivatsya with their names brings the world and harmony to the house. You are called Anton? Name Antonio's cat or a cat Antonina. If you Elvira, then call a female of Ale, and a male Al.

For the aid to you your friends or acquaintances can come. But do not delay with such important choice, to a kitten which still absolutely small the easiest to remember the name, than to an adult male.

If you picked up a name, and it to you laid down on heart, beautifully sounds and is suitable for your pussycat, then do not hesitate, call quite so!

Beautiful names for cats

: Amit, Arizona, Alice, Alba, Asher, Asia, Annabel, Ayko, Agata, Aurora, Agnes, Allegra, Alpina, Ayriana, Ataliya, Arwen, Africa, Alanna, Andromeda, Azalea, Ambrosia, Abigayl, Astarta, Ada, Arlen, Annaliza, Alberta, Alesiya, Antoinette, Alpha, Andrea, Attrakta, Ariel, Ashik, Alastrin, Aziz, Acacia, Anika, Atera, Aida, Adelaide, Aba, Ailis, Artemis, Aspasia, Ainu, Athena, Aisha, Anata, Anastasia, Iles, Aspasia, Alokh, Anjelica, Augustus, Asta, Ayvori, Adel, Alexis, Arnica, Afra, Adagio, Alverna, Aretha, Aden, Ainu.

: Bessey, Battin, Bree, Bianka, Béat, Bonita, Brilla, Beata, Bekka, Bast, Budetta, Bettany, Berta, Bagira, Bonbon, Bastet, Bardo, Bessie, Bonnie, Bellatris, Blondie, Biza, Beatrice, Bebe, Barbarell, Brandy, Brienne, Bubastis, Blossom, Banshee, Blanch, Bimbo, Bella, Barakka, Belvedere, Böll, Bridzhet.

: Venice, Spring, Victoria, Vlada, Vallenda, Vanilla, Wanda, Wendy, Vicki, Valencia, Vidaliya, Whisky, Wave, Violet, Viola, Vindi, Vilma, Venus, Vlasta, Veronika.

: Godiva, Gerna, Garbo, Gabriella, Hermione, Gerda, Gisha, Gucci, Grace, Griselda, Hera, Gwyneth, Gwen, Grimalkin, Hecuba, Scale, Greta, Goetta, Geisha, Gloria, Gestiya, Gwendolyn, Gaby.

Gioconda, Miracle, Dora, Dzhensin, Deyrdre, Dominica, Donna, Devoriya, Dzhozetta, Dixie, Daina, Druzilla, Jeddah, Dolley, Dafna, Dzhori, Dottie, Doreen, Dzhemayma, Joyce, Jackie, Daire, Jessica, Daisy, Justina, Jenna, Delilah, Jennifer, Dinara, Deidre, Deanna, Jess, Georgia, Dighton, Janet, Doris, Ginevra, Diana.

Е, Z
: Gold, Riddle, Zurna, Zhanna, Ashes, Zelda, Gold, Jasmin, Zani, Zhanell, Erica, Geneva, Evita, Zhanetta, Josephine, Zena, Elva, Goldilocks, Evnika, Giselle, Eve, Zuleyka, Zaza, Elik, Yeon, Tease, Zarella, Zhyulyetta, Joly, Zita, Entertainment.

: Isabella, Ivetta, Inessa, Indra, Iolanta, Izida, Ilza, Ilitriya, Innis, Indara, Iolanta, Spark, Izolda, Inis, Ivetta, Iyezebel, Idelis, Ida, Indira, Iva, Inga, Izolda, Indigo, Izida, India, Inky, Inora, Islena, Illiad, Isha, Ishtar, to Eagle, Ida, Imogena.

: Cordelia, Kamiko, Ketta, Konsepta, Kalikapurnia, Kylie, Klaribell, Cleo, Whim, Comet, Korrienn, Cola, Klara, Carla, Kameo, Carolina, Cocoa, Kioki, Kavanagh, Karmelina, Chrissie, Kastoria, Kamala, Cara, Cora, Candice, Chiara, Kayla, Cleopatra, Corin, Kerr, Calypso, Keiko, Kiki, Christie, Carmen, Kian, Kismet, Catalina, Carrie, Camilla, Clarissa, Kvinsi, Kayel, Constantius, Cassandra, Keith, Kiann, Kannik, Keesha, Kalua, Koventina, Claire, Karmela, Kira, Callisto, Carmel, Katrina, Caramel, Ketli, Karma, Carney, Kaliko, Caddie, Creole, Corinna, Clementina, Crescendo.

: Moon, Lucrecia, Laila, Lise, Lotta, Lola, Louise, Libby, Lada, Lucille, Liberti, Linnet, Libkhen, Lioness, Lily, Leyla, Lolita, Laurel, Lavender, Lilian, Linda, Laura, Lottie, Liquorice, Laurus, Lulu, Leon, Lyuchiya, Lady, Libby, Lizbet, Lila, Lyusinda, Lorna, Leya, Lana, Lucky, Lilith, Lesley.

: Mika, Monroe, Mocha, Mai-Tai, Muse, Muriel, Mlada, Mada, Myron, Madzhent, Milt, Milady, Matilda, Maggie, Magna, Musha, Mafalda, Mea, Marin, Mirta, Moyna, Minnie, Magdalene, Maribel, Maddie, Madeleine, Magdalene, Megane, Marta, Matta, Mabina, Meryl, Malika, Moksi, Medea, Blizzard, Mortisha, Miranda, Madzuma, Minerva, Mei, Manuela, Modena, Manuela, Medusa, Magnolia, Marlene, Madeleine, Marianna, Mari, Minnie, Mollie, Marlee, Mia, Maya, Mila, Maynard, Minerva, Manuela, Minerva, Matakhari, Malvina, Maelis, Minnie, Mabel, Monica, Marilla, Minerva, Margarita, Mittsva, Meysha, Mandy, Morgan, Minnie.

: Nancey, Neda, Nyukta, Nabi, Nellie, Neala, Nana, Norma, Niveta, Nora, NERA, to Nika, Nurita, Luxury, Nadin, Natti, Noldi, Nordzhin, Narga, Gain, Napoli, Niksa, Field, Neym, Nar, Ney, Nympha, Nuksi, NERA, Night, Nelda, Nemda, Nerli, Black, Nancy, Note, Nita, Nova, Nevida, Nedzhi, Naomi, Nuncha, Norma, Nani, Noir, Narin, Naava, Nickey, Naira, Nemi, Nahla, Nong, Nolli, Nayd, Noel, Nelma, Nefertiti, Nerik, Nessie, Nadir, Nabbi.

: Present, Ophelia, Oya, Oka, Oyfa, Oodji, the Omega, Horta, Orna, Oksa, Olympia, Aura, Olita, Odezi, Ornette, Ornette, Ozola, Ormella, Onega, Octavia, Oida, Olsi, Ollie, Olviya, the Olive, Oryol, Oprah, Oyto, Ornette, Odetta, Onika, Onassis, Oleri, Omma, Osta, Orsa, Oyra, the Ode, Ornette, Olivia.

: Perla, Puma, Pandora, Petra, Pepper, Prunella, Paisley, Psikhey, Young lady, Polly, Piper, Patsey, Paloma, Pussita, Palma, Prima, Persia, Patricia, Penny, Palermo, Petunia, Parvati, Pole, Lady, Paulína.

: Rimona, Roxana, Raquel, Rick, Royn, Radian, Rinn, Rekki, Rue, Rada, Lynx, Ravenna, Rose tree, Ruf, Regina, Rakhil, Rosi, Remina, Dewdrop, Rebecca, Roza, Rococo, Rosalia, Fleece, Rafela, Rihanna, Rolda, Rory, Rio, Rapunzel, Rona.

: Spice, Serena, Cindi, Sarabet, Sandrina, Celesta, Stella, Setanta, Sabina, Scarlett, Sidoniya, Seanna, Sahara, Scylla, Sierra, Solo, Salome, Sabra, Soraya, Samita, Selena, Serafima, Sonya, Savannah, Sekhmet, Selim, Sibyl, Cynthia, Sadie, Simona, Cecilia, Silken, Syuzanna, Symphony, Soksi, Sacco, Sigma, Salami, Semira, Tits, Sandra, Sumatra, Sabrina, Samba, Sabella, Salsa, Smouki, Céline.

: Titania, Tomasina, Tatu, Tabat, Tia, Terpsikhor, Tabbi, Tiyya, the Tilde, Trisha, Tviggi, Taka, Tivoli, Tess, Talara, Tabitha, Tibbie, Temira, Triniti, Torii, the Taboo, Tasha, the Tutsi, Tapioca, Tracey, the Waist, Taneli, It is thin, Tiani, Triza, Tisha, Trixie, Melancholy, Tropikana, Tessa, Takara, Tara, Tiffany, Tiramisu, Tryna.

At, F, H
: Helly, Freya, Hillary, Hayley, Chloé, Uda, Frannie, Fannie, Fairy, Helen, Fried, Phil, Frau, Fayti, Snail, Haris, Henna, Wuma, Flora, Felichiya, Heppi, Crape, Imagination, Fury, Hanna, Ulm, Felik, Urs, Khiva, Fauna, Foksi, Francesca, Hildegard, Hilda, Helma, Phebe, Ursula, Unagi, Faina, Honda, Ferdzhi, Haiku, Florence, Fabira, Uriel, Halle, Fanny, Utopia, Winifred, Habibi, Fresco, Hub, Undina, Fortuna, Ullah, Unika.

C, H, Highway
: Tsetsiliya, Tsezariya, Tsiniya, Chanita, Chelita, Plane tree, Charodeyka, Shiraz, Shayna, Chelesta, Sherry, Tsintiya, Shakir, Shell, Shammi, Cheeta, Chara, Shannon, Shaina, Cyanogen, Chayra, Chantelle, Chile, Miracle, Chanel, Cent, Chin, Wife of a shah, Shinta, Charita, Sheila, Queen, Shagana, Tsessa, Champagne, Chezara, Charlotte, Sharon, Chetty, Sheyda, Shayn.

Esta, Edyta, Aimé, Emily, Heloise, Ellis, Aileen, Eyre, Abbie, Elaine, Elisa, Ellie, Emiko, Eish, Eboni, Eteri, Esther, Yoji, Ember, Aayla, Edra, Emmanuel, Edmund, Eveleen, Ernestina, Elmira, Elisa, Elisa, Ellis, Edna, Angel, Ewald, Ernani, Elza, Elsie, Elisa, Esther, Emma, Erica, Evnika, Ewald, Erin.

Ю, I am
: Yaza, Yuzhana, Yunessa, Yudif, Yanett, Yunik, Janik, Yaliss, Yulot, Yulon, Yudit, Yasha's Jara, Jamaica, Yarga, Jukka, Yusta, Yanina, Yanta, Juno, Juta, Yuki, Yuzara.

Cool names for cats

A bullet, Umka, Penelope, Alice, Gioconda, Sparta, the Pussycat, Bridzh_t, Cleo, Sofie, Margo, Bagira, Shumka, Kun, the Fox, Bella, Toffee, Nezhka, Plush, Myauk, Pumba, Wendy, Murk, Totti, the Snowball, Scale, the World, the Linden, the Puma, Donna, Britney, Sima, Sabrina, the Sprat, Juno, Cheeta, Swindling, Lada, Sonya, the Strip, FIFA.

Ridiculous names for cats

Washer, Sprat, =vropa, Sausage, Klyopa, Chucha, Bazooka, Laima, Ziga, Accident, Pepsi, Sim card, Mike, USB stick, Dose, Nut, Pipette, Zyama, Dosia, Quarter-liter bottle of vodka, Sharpener, Yozhka, Heel, Krasovka, Syaba, Cola, Lushka, Sangdalia, Saucepan, Kokosina, Bentley, Puska, Cutlet, Plum, Peak, Brandy, Meat grinder, Counter, Small group, Mucha, Asjka, Prostitute.

the Japanese names for cats

If you want to name the cat not simply, and a name from value, then Japanese names will approach best of all. Below you can look at names for cats and their
value .

  • To Masur – a victory;
  • Chara – spring;
  • Kyoko is a happy child;
  • Takara – a treasure;
  • Akan – saturated red (color);
  • Wren – a lotus;
  • The expert – morning, dawn;
  • An Oriental cherry – cherry, a cherry flower;
  • Amayo – rainy night;
  • Umeko – a plum flower;
  • Aymi – fine love;
  • Etsuko is a child of joy;
  • Hos – a star;
  • Hosiko is a star child;
  • Akiko is an autumn child;
  • Ayko is favourite;
  • Tsukiko is a lunar child;
  • Us – a wave;
  • Haruko is a spring child;
  • To Kik – a chrysanthemum;
  • Ury – a lily;
  • The khan – a flower;
  • Hibiki – a sound, an echo;
  • Kokoro – heart, soul;
  • Ochi – the high sea;
  • Cahors – spirits, a pleasant smell;
  • Idzumi – a stream or the fountain;
  • An Akita – autumn (from Like – fall);
  • Kasumi – fog;
  • Синдзю – a pearl;
  • Miyako is a beautiful night child;
  • Natsumi – fine summer;
  • Haruki – shining;
  • To Hotar – a glowworm;
  • Hikari – light;
  • Hinata – sunflower;
  • Yuki – snow;
  • Mitiko is a child of beauty;

the English names for cats

: Adelaide, Agnes, Augustus, Angelica, Iris, Andrea, Aylin, Ariel, Aurora, Abigail, Ayrin, Arabella, Ada, Alberta, Angelina, Arleene, Alice, Alicia, Aurelius, Amelia, Aleksin, Agata, Adele.

: Bernice, Berta, Bethanie, Bettie, Bernadett, Bella, Beryl, Blanch, Belinda, Beatrice, Bridzhet, Bernardina, Brook, Brittany, Barbara, Betsey, Brand.

: Violetta, Valéry, Veronika, Vanessa, Victoria, Wendy, Viola, Virginia, Vivienne.

: Gabriella, Gloria, Gwenda, Henriette, Gladis, Gwen, Gwendolyn, Grace.

: Doreen, Daisy, Julia, Ginny, Dorothy, Justina, Gillie, June, Della, Dolley, Gillian, Donna, Jennifer, Doris, Jane, Geraldine, Dora, Dafna, Georgia, Juliette, Dayana, Delayla, Janet, Daymond, Daniela, Deborah, Dottie, Jessica, Jody, Juliana, Ginger, Delfiya, Darlene, Geena, Dana, Judith.

, And:
Easter, Isabella, Iolanda, Eden, Iva, Jasmin, Jacqueline, Josephine.

To: Cathleen, Karmela, Cristiana, Cordelia, Constantius, Kimberly, Kitty, Claire, Kerry, Christina, Kelly, Christa, Carol, Corinna, Klaribella, Clementine, Clemens, Cassandra, Cleopatra, Klara, Cameron, Clothilda, Candy, Claudia, Kalista, Catherine, Clarissa, Carolina, Cornelia, Colin.

Lainey, Laurinda, Lidiya, Lyusinda, Lily, Lottie, Linor, Linda, Laetitia, Lilian, Lauretta, Lorel, Lina, Lucille, Lauryn, Lauren, Leah, Laura, Lucie, Louise.

: Margaret, Maudie, Marianne, Millisenta, Mary, Madeleine, Melissa, Mable, Marta, Mirtl, Matilda, Marjorie, Meryl, Maxine, Marge, Melanie, Monica, Marilyn, Millie, Mollie, Meredith, Mei, Miranda, Melinda.

N, O, P
: Patricia, Olivia, Peggy, Aubree, Nellie, Ophelia, Polina, Olive, Polet, Noreen, Norma, Pamela, Audrey, Natali, Naomi, Priscilla.

Ruth, Roberta, Rebecca, Reggina, Rozenna, Rosemarie, Rosalinda, Roxie, Roxana, Rachael.

Cindi, Silvia, Cecilia, Seliya, Selma, Sabrina, Sabina, Samantha, Celesta, Salome, Sandra, Celestina, Cynthia, Scarlett, Stacie, Celina, Sofia.

T, At, F:
Felicia, Frida, Philomena, Flora, Tiffany, Tomazina, Theodora, Fanny, Phebe, Tina, Ursula, Florence, Frensin, Whitney, Trixie, Fae, Tiana, Totti, Uinfrid.

X, ÿ, H:
Cheriti, Hanni, Hanna, Charlotte, Halle, Cheryl, Cheryl, Helen, Charlaine, Charlize, Hilda, Sherilyn, Hilary, Shannon, Cherry, Sheila, Honora.

Emma, Erin, Estella, Emmie, Emberli, Ella, Elisabeth, Alice, Angel, Allison, Eleanor, Etelyerika, Emmeline, Epril, Evelyn, Evis, Emily, Ellie, Edith. Thanks for nicknames to the website murlo

Graceful and self-sufficient domestic cats live side by side with people for a long time. And everything began at all equally: the kid crossed a house threshold, explored the new territory and became the full member of family. Certainly, it needs a name.

For some it is possible to call a cat, but more often owners of a small lump of wool should break the head what it can nickname.

by What rules should be guided?

Long ago there passed those times when cats had two options of a name – Murka and Manka. Today owners try to find harmonious option which would make their house favourite unique. Even the ordinary not purebred kitten can always be made more noble by means of a name.

There are certain rules by which it is necessary to be guided, choosing a nickname for a kitten:

  • Brevity.
    the Cat is possible, of course to call by the long name, for example, Marie Antoinette, but upon all she will be called all the same Mashka. Therefore, choosing a nickname for the fluffy girlfriend, take care of the sonorous reduced option. The name has to consist of two syllables, then it will be well perceived also by you, both people around, and an animal.

  • In a name of a cat it is desirable to use the hissing and deaf sounds.
    It is not an indispensable condition, but nevertheless there is an opinion that the combination of the letters "Ks", "GSh", "TSh" allows to get used and respond quicker to the proizvishche.

  • A nickname for a kitten it has to be pleasant to you.
    Otherwise, it will create psychological discomfort and to affect the attitude towards the pet.

  • Stake on advancing. Kittens quickly grow at
    therefore do not call by their pet names.

Of course, it is not strict rules from which it is impossible to depart, these are rather recommendations thanks to which it is possible to call a kitten by the sonorous and original name.

Many owners select a nickname for the pet according to various criteria:

  • on appearance of a kitty: color of a hair, eye, constitution;
  • on characteristic signs of breed;
  • on character of an animal;
  • proceeding from own hobbies;
  • being in the fashion;
  • according to the recommendations of club and manufacturers.

We will give detailed examples what names can be given to kittens, proceeding from all aforesaid.

the Nickname on appearance

To call a cat, it is possible to look at her appearance attentively. You can consider everything, beginning from color and length of wool, and finishing it with fatness or, on the contrary, symmetry.

So, for example, it is possible to call the British representative of the cat family on color of wool: Sara (if kitty of gray color), Alice or Fox (red pussycat), Squirrel (if white), Bagira (if black). Options, it is actually much more, to think and think rather only a little.

The three-colored fluffy beauty to call rather difficult, in the world there are more than 50 options of such coloring. Often owners pay attention and nickname on associations which arise, looking at it. For example, Zara, Akira, Caress, Adele, Ryska.

It is possible to call cats of breed of Asher and bengals. Their color very much reminds wild predatory animals therefore Lea, Rysya, Gepa, the Puma, and other nicknames will be a relevant name for a kitten of such breed.

The Scottish breed has a good selection of flowers in which there will be the real expanse for your imagination. Kittens of this breed can be pryamoukhy, lop-eared, white, red, gray, black, with strips and without. As it will be possible to call the Scottish girl – to choose to you.

We will provide several examples: Aurora, Ariel, Astra, Bella, Squirrel, Grace (if pussycat of gray color), Greta, Inga, Malvina, Aubree, Nessie.

the Nickname on pedigree signs

Today there is a huge number of cat breeds, each of which has the characteristic signs.

So, for example, the Persian cats have the specific form of the head and expression of an attractive face. Therefore, it is possible to call a kitten proceeding from these qualities: Caress, Bore, Margo.

At some Siamese kitties pedigree sign are slanting eyes. If you have such case, then it will suit a nickname – the Roe.

The British girl it is possible to call in honor of the English queen – Elizabeth or Lisa, in honor all known princesses – Diana, or just traditional English name, for example, Darci, Chelsea, Ember, Eypril, Mary and others.

If you get a three-colored cat, then it is necessary to know that there is a belief, allegedly these fluffy favourites are capable to bring a lot of happiness to the house.

Proceeding from it, it is possible to think up also a "happy" nickname: Lakki, Fortuna (and from it, Forti, Tong), Chensi (from English "chance"), Thanks (mercy), Heppi (Happiness), Felicita (happiness in Italian), and derivative of it – Felli, Cheeta and others.

the Nickname on character of an animal

All cats, whether it be pets, whether it be wild wild animals, have very proud and self-sufficient character. They do not like to impose the society, in the majority, preferring to watch surrounding alone.

However, often happens and so that the kitty very tender, and loves tactile feelings. These lines can be noticed already at once as soon as you take a kitten therefore such restive animals can think up in hand and the name is a match.

It is possible to call the red and active girl the Knave, Bisti (animal), and more appeasable representative of cat's family perfectly will suit a nickname of the Lady or Printsessk. For those to whom English-speaking culture is alien, can think up such nickname for a kitty as the Princess, Pannochka, etc.

There is a confirmed scientific fact – they spend 2/3 days in a dream. It is characteristic feature of all domestic cats therefore the name the Sleepyhead will be the most universal nickname for your fluffy favourite.

we Will provide with

close connection with the owner

Many owners of representatives of the cat family of different breeds prefer to call them conformably with the names, middle names and surnames.

There is an opinion that thus it is possible to provide strong communication between an animal and his owner. Correctly it or not, we do not undertake to judge, animals live less, than people. Nevertheless, cats are often called by name by the owner:

For example, Natalya can call a cat Tasha, Nata, and Marie can have a kitten by the name of Mary or Manya.

Quite often, people choose a nickname for the house favourite, proceeding from the hobbies or an occupation. So, doctors often have cats of gray color by the name of Doctor Gray (the heroine of series "Anatomy Gray"), the cat of the person working in police can is proud to bear a name of Holmsi, in honor of the famous detective.

And astrologers call the Plutonya, Alpha, Marcie, Wen, Sanni, the Fellow countryman, Kassiopey or Kasya turned sour.

The people who are fond of cinema music and literature often call the cats by the names Merlin, Scarlett, Bella, Gaby, Buffy, Madonna, Marlee, Bonnie, and other names of a selebrita.

It is possible to call a kitten and by an example of the famous animated films. In spite of the fact that their heroes often are cats, the girl it is possible to call by the derivative name: Leopold – Leu, Thomas – Toma, Garfield – Garfusha, Matroskin – the Nested doll.

Fans of ancient myths quite often use names of gods and characters for the animals. If you belong to this category, then it is possible to call a kitten by the Siren, Hellas, Athena, Hera, Zena, Iraida.

For those who learn languages it will be very easy to call the fluffy favourite by the unusual name: Fasti (fast, bright), Chikki (impudent), Svitti (sweet), Hani (darling), Vindi (windy). Any Russian name can be remade on a nickname and to call by it a cat: Katrina, Mari, Tessie, Bessie Grow, etc.

For the real gourmets it is possible to think up the mass of interesting names. The most popular for fans to eat Krimi, Bizet's nicknames, Josephine, Wafer, Cookie, Caramel, Milka, the Malinka, Miso are.

For those who wish to pay a craze it is possible to call a cat in honor of the famous figures of this world: Koko, Chanel, Laurent, and other glamourous names.

All know that cats in ancient Egypt were conductors in a mystical next world. For those who prefer fluffy favourites not of gray, but black color it is possible to think up very interesting magic name.

If you are a fan of all mysterious and incomprehensible, then your cat will suit such nicknames: Mystic, Vesta, Witch, Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Morgan, Vuddi, etc.

At the same time, the only condition is that you should not call a kitten by the names from black magic and devil nicknames: Lyuzz, Satan and other. For the people trusting in science, nothing means, and here superstitious neighbors can be concerned.

For those who wish that money was always found in the house it is possible to call a kitten also in honor of currency. So, for example, in crisis times often cats were called by Baksi, Funti, Erased, Hryvnia, etc.

For happy owners of thoroughbred kitties of gray, white or red color, as a rule, the option with a name is already determined by a family tree.

At cats, as well as dogs, are named all kids in a dung, on a letter which goes mother following a nickname.

Thus if mother of kittens is called India, then kittens in a dung will be called on letter K: Cleo, Clyde, Xavier, Connie, Clementina, etc.

If in the passport and a family tree of your kitten there is already a name, then you can not recede from it, his fluffy was given at the birth.

Nevertheless, cases when owners do not like such nicknames are frequent, or they too long, or do not meet expectations of the owner. It is impossible to change a name in a family tree, unfortunately, however, it is possible to specify a house nickname of a kitty in the pet passport.

As should not call a cat

As you can see, options of names for your fluffy favourites there is a huge set. Nevertheless, some owners irresponsibly treat such important issue as selection of a name.

But there is a saying which as it is impossible by the way, captures heart of the matter: as you will call the ship, so it also will float. If you want that your animal was healthy, happy and brought good luck, give it positive and a reputation.

How it is impossible to call cats?

  • names of the died relatives or in honor of the pets who went to a better world. There is an opinion that animals inherit the fate of the previous pets together with their name;

As can call a cat?

The one who decided to take it in the house appears before a number of problems even if already has experience of communication with these animals. And all because a cat — a being with character. Everyone has the features, habits, whims with which owners should reckon.

To improve the kind relations, the caress and mutual respect are necessary, constant communication is very important.
And here rise questions: how to call a cat whether there have to be at a nickname some features as it can affect behavior of an animal.

Choosing a nickname for a kitten, it is necessary to think seriously, this small fluffy lump it is necessary to bring up, talk to him, repeating his name many times. That is the nickname has to be simple and sonorous that the kid got used to it quicker and began to react, and you not too found it difficult to utter it.

At the same time it is necessary to call a kitten so that his nickname was not conformable with often used words and names of family members, differently there can be a confusion. It is considered that cats hear only the first 3 sounds of the name, it should be considered too.

Everything depends on imagination, but there are several general rules which usually use to call a kitten:

  • In a name there have to be 1-3 syllables, it is no more.

    The others the pet will not be simple to be perceived.
  • Best of all kittens react to the hissing and whistling sounds and also to "m" and
    These sounds will draw attention of the kid, their combination will quickly be remembered.
  • The name has to cause in people around, and especially in owners, positive emotions.

    The cat well catches intonations and will not begin to respond willingly if she hears false or unfriendly notes in a voice.
  • Nicknames which come to an end on a vowel are perceived by especially well animal.
  • It is not recommended to rename cats.

    Practice shows that, having got used to one name, the animal does not perceive any another and can in general cease to respond on any nickname.

For a thoroughbred cat upon whose purchase the pet passport with the name considering features of club of manufacturers or nursery, names of parents and other conditions often is issued are used by the reduced options of official nicknames.

On the one hand, it is simpler — there is no need to think how to call a kitten. With another — imposes inconvenient restrictions. Owners, as a rule, want to call a kitten so that the name reflected some habits, traits of character or appearance.

It is better to discuss these moments with manufacturers in advance and, perhaps, your wishes will consider. But if to change passport data does not leave, then you should not be upset.

The official nickname is really necessary only for "issues": cat's exhibitions, commissions, issue of breeding documents. When such actions are not too relevant, it is possible to call a cat by the "house" name and to use it constantly.

If you have a simple not purebred cat, then the choice of names is almost unlimited.

It is possible to make a start from any association if only it was not negative or ridiculous. Of course, nothing prevents to call an ordinary domestic cat by a big "aristocratic" name, but whether it will approach? Perhaps, the kitten unusually important behaves, then he really will suit the nickname Duke, Graf, the Lord or the General.

But when the cat tender, playful, likes to play pranks, better name him Murzik or Semka, than Marquis or Sultan.

Some call pets by the difficult foreign names and words only because they seem beautiful, but subsequently it becomes clear that the nickname does not approach or it is difficult to say it.

Therefore it is worth thinking over options of reductions in advance, for example: Percival — the Peach, Serafima — the Sim card, Sebastian — Speaking in a deep voice, Aragorn — Gosha, the Samurai — Moura, Izolda — Isya.

Options as it is possible to call a cat, proceeding from her color, a set:

  • for white kittens — the Snowball or the Snowball, Ays or Asya, Blanch, the Zephyr, Tide, the Admiral, Barsik (Snow leopard), Vaysik (from the word "white" in German);
  • for kittens of gray color — the Smoke, Dymych or the Haze, Smokey, Silver or Silva (from English "silver"), the Sergeant, Gray or Gracie;
  • for black — Black or Bleki, the Piece of coal or Sazhka, Schwartz (from German "black"), Chara, Smolka, Lyutsik (Lucifer), the Hippopotamus or Motya;
  • for red — Zlata or Goldie, Fanta or the Candy wrapper, Schafran, the Ainu (Celtic "fire"), Ruffi or Ruzh (from French "red"), Leo or Lisya.

Special coloring

Original shades or complex combinations of flowers will demand more imagination. For example, chestnut, almost brown cat is called sometimes in honor of favourite coffee — Mokko or Robusta.

Cats of an ashy color are called often by Sander and Ashley, from the English and French versions of the word "ashes". A kitten the girl of a tortoise color it is possible to call Melanie ("dark") or Tart (reduction from foreign options of the word "turtle"). The striped kitten can suit the name Bumblebee or Bee, spotty — the Snow leopard or Rysya.

Special semantic loading should be considered, calling a three-colored cat. It is connected with national signs. In the most different countries it is considered that such animals bring to the house happiness, wealth and prosperity, are some kind of mascots protecting the house and family.

Therefore traditionally three-colored cat was called in honor of her special abilities: Varnishes or Lakusya (from English "good luck"), Mikey (from the name of the Japanese mascot "mike-neko" in the form of a cat), Rada (from the words "joy" and "rainbow" at the same time).

Other option as it is possible to call an unusual kitten the girl (boys of such coloring almost do not meet): A rag, Pyatnashka, the Blot, Nyuta (from the name of a flower "pansies"), Arles (for a color "harlequin").

Also it is considered that a three-colored cat with a black and white and red color distinguish surprisingly friendly, playful and friendly temper. Proceeding from these traits of character, it is possible to call the pet: Aglaia, Lada or Geba (in honor of goddesses of joy and youth), the Entertainment, Wanda (mischievous person), Amy (darling), Sveta, Klara or Lucie (from the word "light").

But in general before calling a pet on traits of character, he needs to be recognized closer. You do not hurry to name a kitten the Rascal, the Bow, Igrulya or the Cutie only because he lovely, small also likes to gambol. Already in a couple of years he will become a sedate adult cat and not the fact that the nickname will come true.

Elite cats

The choice of nicknames for pets of elite and rare breeds has the features. Owners of thoroughbred cats are forced to reckon with some requirements of clubs as it was already told above, but also, even in house use the familiar address Vaska, Shurik or Masyanya does not correspond to appearance and habits of a solid Maine Coon, noble sphinx, balanced British in any way.

Many thoroughbred cats, thanks to inherited qualities and education, are extremely ambitious, and are sometimes painfully sensitive.

This factor should be considered too.

Most often advise owners of the Egyptian cats, sphinxes, representatives of Siamese and Thai breeds to call pets by the names of east or Egyptian mythological heroes, for example: Astarta, Isida, Onuris, Shandi, Lakshmi. But it is possible to choose any nickname with east bias. Are popular: Yuki (Japanese "good luck"), Aslan (Turkic "lion"), Satie (Arab "shining"), Zita (Turkic "girl"), Chinghiz (Mongolian "Great").

Nicknames are suitable for cats of long-haired east breeds depending on a color: Zarina (Persian "gold"), Zaur (Georgian "chernorukiya"), Roxana (Persian "dawn"), Rico (Japanese "child of a jasmine"). The Siberian cats are called sometimes in honor of specifics of origin the Taiga, by Sayana, Yermak, Baikal.

For any elite cats names from classical history and mythology are universal, for example: Fortuna, Augustus, Sparta, Caesar, Cassandra (Kasya), Patrician, Athena. Nicknames of the western origin suit the European breeds and angorets more, for example: Artur (Archie), Frida or Friza (in honor of the Scandinavian goddess of love), the Celt, Ainu.

A short-haired Scottish cat it is possible to call by the Celtic name Sheila or Shelley, Sabrina (in honor of the river goddess), Alice (noble). Cats will suit names Wallace and Stewart (in honor of heroes of Scotland) or Celtic to Lesley (gray fortress) and Angus (strong).

Any sonorous English name or such nicknames of the English origin as will be suitable for British: Kitty, Missie, Sanni. It is original to call the British cat it is possible in honor of the famous figure from the English history — Winston Churchill (Черч) or the Queen Elizabeth (Betsey); in honor of the literary hero — Sherlock or Dorothy; in honor of the famous commander, for example, Nelson.

When the suitable name is found, carry out a small inspection. Loudly and distinctly say a nickname, listen to yourself and make sure that it really is pleasant to you.

Besides, it is necessary to check whether it is pleasant to a cat. Look to the pet in eyes and call, using the chosen name, be convinced that the animal positively reacts to it.

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