• Sep 20, 2019

Heven is a little blind calf who got to a shelter from a dairy farm recently. Approximately at the same time other lodger – a pit bull terrier girl by nickname Svitpi also came to the organization. It was saved directly from a ring for dog fights.

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When Heven only just arrived to a shelter, she is so strong all and was afraid of all that she had to be lodged in the small shelter on the backyard. There she soon also met the new best friend.

Svitp at once strongly became attached to the baby and took the responsibility to help it to orient on the new place. Now couple is absolutely unseparable: they constantly play, are heated on the sun. Careful Svitpi looks after Heven and often licks it. They very much love each other.

 calf and dog, the best friends, pets

The shelter made the decision that unseparable couple will remain with them forever. Professionals will well care for them. And, the main thing, they will always be together.

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