• Jan 15, 2020

of Roca Canac – the person who thought up a way which helps dogs from a shelter to find the loving owners.

Roca started video series under the name Dog's Day Out which constantly fills up on the YouTube channel. Every time it gives to different dogs the whole day of fun out of cage walls, day of love and attention which so often are not enough for homeless animals.

The project purpose – to show a dog to potential owners in all beauty – joyful and happy.

This time Roca the Garbanzo which suffers from loss of sight already at such early age spent time with a young dog by nickname. As the Garbanzo almost blind, at it not really well turns out to meet possible owners.

But Roca saw in him much more, than just blind dog. Having read a little literature on a blindness at dogs and having got advice at professionals, Roca could find a common language with the Garbanzo and spent with it remarkable day at the ocean.

Video: Rocky Kanaka
Unfortunately, so far the dog did not find the house though video and was placed on Roca's channel already for a long time. But it undoubtedly happens, and the Garbanzo surely will go to the loving house already very soon, we trust in it!

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