• Nov 30, 2018


The Krasnoyarsk pensioner Victor Vinogradov and his loyal canine friend of Torahs were gone at the beginning of October. For two weeks groups of rescuers and volunteers were engaged in their search. That the person and a dog are alive, nobody believed. But they came out of the wood.

of the Photo: instagram.com/tv509

How they managed to survive? Ate a pasture, a mountain ash, nuts, pitch, at night slept in an embrace, heating each other. Once they were lucky to come into the abandoned hut of hunters or suppliers of a cedar, there they got hold of matches, a can of stewed meat and a bottle of sunflower oil. For a dog the owner caught mice and fried them on a fire. But the hungry dog was enough from the earth that got: gnawed the coming across rags and plastic.


Together, a leg to a paw, loyal friends passed more than 50 km. Victor Vinogradov admitted later that he already and did not believe in the rescue. But unexpectedly the knock of axes of woodcutters … sounded

of the Photo: instagram.com/tv509

The person was stronger. He, of course, strongly lost weight, and the endured stress will affect not once, but he survived and is more or less healthy. And here the dog who was brought at once to veterinary clinic did not manage to be saved. Though doctors did everything that could and to the last trusted in a miracle. A Torah cleaned a stomach, operated … But the organism was too weakened. Torahs died of a necrosis of intestines and peritonitis in a week after return home.

of the Photo: instagram.com/tv509

Soft cloudlets to you, Kid! You fought as you could. And thanks to your heat and fidelity your owner remained to live!

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