• Aug 4, 2020

the Tiny baby of breed a bull terrier was on street. Did not get to color of other puppies of party of manufacturers? It was thrown out as marriage or it was just lost? Geneva does not tell us the story, but we know that the dog wandered one on the street, it was picked up, and this decision cost life a dog. Geneva was literally on a hair from death. Why? At a dog a rare congenital chronic disease – an ektopiya of mochetochnik.


Этому to a disease is characteristic urine removal not through kidneys and then a bladder, and directly. That is the dog spontaneously pisat. Does it she regularly since urine does not accumulate in a bubble and there is every time when kidneys work. This disease is fraught with serious consequences. In the absence of treatment and finding of a dog on the street (special in cold time of the year), irreversible inflammatory processes can begin. As result – death of an animal from powerlessness.

But Geneva was found more than ever in time. The baby transferred surgical intervention though initially hope for her recovery was not. One Geneva at first escaped from fear and a habit to be from hands of volunteers, even without guessing that do not bear it the malice and this meeting will be for it fatal and will help to cope with the illness. After the performed two most difficult laborious operations on correction of a vagina the dog feels much better.


Прошло some time, now Geneva, having finally rehabilitated, is on overexposure. The temporary haven decorates her life, but all understand: the dog needs the constant house, leaving and family. Therefore Geneva looks for the house.

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