• Feb 1, 2019


One lovely French bulldog by nickname Jackson from Perm remained the orphan after his owner died.
All economy laid down on shoulders to the fragile woman with 3 children who just could not contain in good conditions of a dog. She submitted the announcement of search of the new house, and the house was — group of the help to the French bulldogs.
photo: frenchbull_help
Jackson — the beautiful boy, however, never especially were engaged in him therefore the kid has some problems with education. Now he studies how it is correct to behave, on film logical overexposure.


the Cynologist defined that Jackson has an irritable nervous system: he is rather quick-tempered boy. Despite small problems with behavior, Jackson very tender, kind and cheerful young dog.
photo: frenchbull_help
It — the real battery which also will be able to load you with the energy!
the Kid now only studies the correct behavior therefore he can snap at foreign person. But besides, quickly returns to a condition of the superactive good-natured person.


is very necessary to Jackson the house in Perm, in family without small children and cats.
If you feel that you are ready to get the young and active, already castrated dog if you are patient and will be able to give to Jackson time to get used to family life, look narrowly, maybe, he waits for you?
photo: frenchbull_help
He really tested a lot of things and transferred, it needs only your love and care, and in reply he will present you much bigger — the eternal devotion!
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