• Aug 6, 2020

call the Girl about whom the speech will go Ale. She is the representative of the most ancient breed — a dachshund. But even this fact could not save it from devotion, insidiousness and cruelty. The girl once was house, her greed to caress by which it was deprived shouts of it, but which she still remembers and so vainly looks for in all.


Эля wandered several weeks about the city, about the carriageway, got under shops of houses, waited for food garbage at shops. Sometimes it was banished, sometimes fed up, but once after all took pity on it and taken away to itself. Despite existence of three dogs, the female eyewitness could not deny Al the assistance, her eyes so asked about it. And not for nothing.

The dog had so many diseases, congenital and acquired that is absolutely unknown how many still she could stretch. For example, on its side the tumor dairy gland which urgently it was necessary to survey and get rid of it flaunted the huge sizes in a tennis ball. The dog rather young, but on her eyes already "flaunted" a cataract, and in an urethra the suspension was formed. So-called deposit as pathology. And this disease also needs urgent treatment.


Со all this bouquet Elka wandered about city streets, looked for food and asked about the help. As soon as it was noticed, the dachshund wanted to release nobody, just became a pad on a leg and the sparing eyes asked about the help and a little bit caress. The dog was defined in a shelter and began inspection and treatment of her bodies.

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