• Jan 16, 2020

When Bonnie's cow was only 4 months old, her life was reversed. The calf was born on a farm in a northern part of the State of New York. But, when the owner of a farm died, the cows living there had to find the new house or go to slaughter.

 a deer, a calf, a pet, a wild animal

Once last summer when Bonnie's herd was loaded into the truck, the baby decided to run away to the forest. Among locals Bonnie's escape became a puzzle. The kid could not be caught in any way: he determined by some sixth sense danger.

Time went, cold weather came. And still nobody could find a calf. But people knew that the kid still in the forest.

 a deer, a calf, a pet, a wild animal

people had different opinions on what should be done with the run-away cow. The local population was divided into 2 groups: on those who supported Bonnie and wanted that she was in safety, and on those who wished to shoot down and eat a lonely animal. "Both groups looked for it in the forest which was completely covered with snow. But also this time search was not crowned with success".

 a deer, a calf, a pet, a wild animal

Meanwhile, Bonnie did not miss alone. She joined family of a wild deer which accepted it as native. "As she lost the first family, deer helped Bonnie to survive. They together ate, slept and ran!" — Turner-Smith told.

 a deer, a calf, a pet, a wild animal

However people understood that Bonnie, being the pet not suitable for severe snowfalls, will not be able forever to remain in new family. Fortunately, the volunteer Becky decided to help Bonnie to survive in the winter. Every day he on sledge carried her food, water and warm blankets. And slowly but surely he managed to gain Bonnie's trust.

Professional rescuers did not understand how to return a cow to conditions for life habitual to it. It seemed that eight months in the forest with family of deer convinced it of correctness of a new way of life. Even if this life was given it too hard.

 a deer, a calf, a pet, a wild animal

Rescuers made three attempts in 14 days at last to force Bonnie to return. "As it was too risky to try to catch it in the forest, we built the shelter around its place for food, patiently expecting to catch and close it" — Turner-Smith told.

At last, with enough food and a quantity soothing in the shelter, Bonnie obeyed and left the wild life. For obvious reasons the cow mistrustfully treated people after what happened to her family. But when she woke up in a farmer shelter where she could live the long life on pastures and cozy barns, it became clear that new changes in life — to the best.

 a deer, a calf, a pet, a wild animal though Bonnie was necessary to leave to

I the family of deer, it quickly found friends among relatives on pastures.

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