• Jan 24, 2020

In a homeless animals shelter in Houston, the USA, there was a cat whose extraordinary abilities allow to release from cages and rooms of other animals. The prankish by nickname Kvilti several times a day gave to the neighbors freedom. It was not absolutely convenient and safe both for animals, and for workers of a shelter.

Subsequently employees were forced to isolate immoderately a clever animal to the separate room. But far from it. She and from there regularly managed to run, continuing at the same time the liberating activities for all shelter. Having convinced that the usual lock is not enough, workers completed a door with a latch from the outer side.

It forced Kvilti to reconcile to a single imprisonment. However by that moment it became already popular on social networks where more than 35 thousand people were signed for its Instagram. Owners of a shelter and the Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization company decided to use such popularity and quickly organized production of light jersey with an emblem and the motto Kvilti.

of the Thing is sent in great demand, and the cat became the honourable inhabitant of a shelter and becomes regular the hero of amusing videos.

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