• Mar 5, 2020

Only this way, not differently it is possible to describe a hard situation into which the cat by the name of Bonita got. Once its star was lit, she met the loving heart in the form of the timid hostess. They long lived in perfect harmony. They had general habits, a way of life, the traditions and customs. Happy life at the great moment literally broke.


Хозяйка Bonita suddenly died. As it often happens to hotly favourite, but foreign pets, nobody dared to shelter Bonita to himself. After the death of relatives of many the inheritance, savings, the real estate of the dead most often concerns. But the most important wealth — that live that will remain after us, did not interest anybody. Bonita during an instant lost both the beloved pupil, and the warm house, and memoirs, and belief in happy bright future.


Единственным option which could happen to the baby will be the new loving heart. And this care and caress Bonita is worthy. The cat just will not be able to survive in the habitat any more. She was so treated kindly by the hostess, as does not submit what it without human attention. Bonita very bright and well-mannered nature. Quiet and appeasable, she will become the real keeper of a home.

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