• Jan 22, 2018

" If you the creative person also love pets, this competition for you. Get the ready works or manage to create new.


Residents of Belarus and Russia.

of the Condition of participation:

To send a photo of the creative work (are accepted various technicians and their execution) devoted to pets: also we designate to small fishes, birdies, horses, doggies, cats, snakes, spiders on the editor@gmail.com с mark of "hand made" mail till 12:00 26.01.

Describe the work (the name, technology of execution, a short story of creation is welcomed) — it will help readers to pay attention and to note your work.

Is accepted by of 1 photo from the participant. Vote starts from 14:00 26.01 and 09.02 will last till 12:00. The winner is chosen by an open voting.

The winner receives everything!

And what? A huge set of stuff for creativity and realization of all ideas from retail network of goods for creativity and needlework of Karaliki.

  1. Preparations for decoupage — a tray from solid pine, a napkin holder and a box from plywood
  2. 10 sets of beads of glass and nacre
  3. 5 collections of scrapbooking paper ("Karaliki")
  4. 5 decoupage cards of various subjects ("Karaliki")
  5. Textile preparation for creativity — a bag
  6. 7 packs of the Polish napkins ("Daisy")
  7. 5 silicone stamps
  8. Glue gun electric Kern
  9. 5 sets of chipboards
  10. Napkins for decoupage a mix of 20 pieces
  11. Glue for a hobby, glue for scrapbooking, glue for stones, decoupage varnish-glue, soil-paste ("Pentart" Hungary for Karaliki)

We wait for a photo of your works on of editor@gmail.com with a mark of "hand made"! Inspiration to you!"

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