• Aug 24, 2020

of This kid of breed. It and without invasion of a notorious world pandemic nobody in family favored. For a long time ceased to watch the pet, regularly tasty and regularly to feed, examine, care, to play elementary with him and to spend free time. Spread of a fatal virus increased hatred to an animal.


Трехлетний young absolutely healthy and house guy was found figcaption id="caption-attachment-28215" on the street. Threw out in the heat of a deadly procession of a virus along the world. The reason — is not present means (we are sincerely sure, as desires) further to support a dog and people of rumors supposedly were afraid dogs from now on too carry a virus. And they also walk the street, and smell the food remains, and different objects, and a dog communicate with others. Generally, from the house harmless pet who also is afraid of a virus not less than the person, made a nursery of all mortal sins.


Тодда noticed 100 vw, saw in it the kind soul at whom the destiny fairly laughed, and could not be aside, having left it to perish on the street. So the Labrador appeared in a shelter. The boy is absolutely strong, healthy, trained, house, loves communication, people, children, relatives. Here only very much he was not lucky with people, but, having looked on its good-natured and still at naive eyes, are sure, it for a while. Todd looks for the house.

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