• Oct 17, 2019

The kid Dobermann terrier by nickname Cassius always goes for the hostess Chloé a tail. Therefore when she went to water flowers, Cassius was here. Its special attention was drawn by a green watering can. When the hostess put it on the earth, the kid began to investigate it and … got stuck in it.

Chloé heard the scared squeal and saw that the watering can densely clasps the lower jaw of Cassius. Having tried to help independently the pet, Chloé gave up and brought him to veterinary clinic.

Photo: metro.co.uk

Veterinarians had to enter to the kid anesthesia to release him as to it it was sore, and he behaved very restlessly. At the same time the jaw got stuck so strongly what just to extend it from a watering can did not turn out.

After the watering can was cut, it was simple to remove it. And in several hours Cassius was ready to go home.

On a jaw there is a small swelling, and it aches a bit, however Cassius already is on the mend. And the hostess looks after him even more attentively now to avoid jamming of its parts of a body in something on the house.

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