• Sep 14, 2020

For the baby of Safi is summer was not such iridescent, cheerful and serene as it was earlier. The last several months literally divided her life and life of her hostess on "to" and "later". What happened in family of a young dachshund of Safi with her hostess?

The habitual and loved both way of life remained in the past forever. Now Safi will not be able to climb up since the morning a bed of the favourite to greet it, to wish it kind morning, to present good mood, at last, it is simple to lick a positive charge for the whole day in a nose that that laughed. They together will not go to long walks any more, having run in a local bench to buy a fresh baguette, to make together bruschetta. And after walk and an easy dinner to go to a house evening film session — not life, but the fairy tale!


Жаль that it flew so quickly. Everything ended when the hostess learned that she has very serious illness. She needed to be defined in clinic where long-term and serious treatment was necessary to it. And after it nobody gave forecasts whether the hostess will be able to win against a disease and to continue to lead full-fledged life. About care of a dog in this regard and the speech did not go therefore the baby of Safi, the five-year rate, absolutely house, well-mannered, healthy girl looks for the house.

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