• Jan 15, 2020

Training of dogs – very fascinating business, though at all not a lung. Socialization and the correct education are necessary for any dog. For this reason so many owners decide that, without looking on any difficulties, they stock up with knowledge and vkusnyashka and plunge into daily and fascinating process of training of the dogs.

But some of owners of quadrupeds take out trainings on absolutely new level. For example, the blogger from Los Angeles by the name of Anna Brisbin decided that her dog has to respond not on ordinary teams, and on spells from Harry Potter!

, a pet, a dachshund in a suit, a magic wand

photo: boredpanda.com

Anna tells that a series of books and movies about Harry Potter inspired her to move in creativity and a pretense. She even has a tattoo of "Lyumos" on a hand. And Anna's dog is called Rimus. So training by means of spells from Harry Potter was well very right decision.

To Rimus now 10 months, and he began to study teams when to it there was only 2. At the moment Rimus can brag of 9 spells which he well knows.

"Encouragement is necessary

. Training has to be interesting to the dog. If something is impossible to it, then we usually come back to simpler teams which he well knows and surely carries out".

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