• Sep 8, 2020

the Dog of breed a dachshund not voluntarily inherited a fate of the famous literary heroine. The plot from the Russian classics was embodied in reality when Mavrik was hit by the train. Before his eyes all life and the only thing that he tested, it an excruciating pain flew suddenly. The heavy structure which was not to stop already in any way for fractions of a second cut off to a dog one paw and crumpled another. The Moor remained a disabled person forever.

It was worse later when the crippled body of a dog lay some more days at railway tracks. It was exhausted to madness, continuous skin and bones. Nobody could dare and approach a dog in any way. Were afraid of both responsibility, and hopelessness. But the Moor nevertheless it was succeeded to notice and report about the victim doctors. Became physicians and eyewitnesses even more terribly when the diagnosis was made: the Moor has a spinal fracture, not to restore his extremity any more. And anything else it was not necessary how to cut off the broken and chopped off small pillows and fingers, to process, sew up the torn-off paw.


Болезненные expensive operations for which all raised funds not indifferent, behind. The Moor, if it is possible to call it so, feels much better. Bought him the wheelchair, the dog any more will never be able to go. But, despite it, he keeps courage, leads a life of an ordinary dog, however, quickly gets tired and he needs to help to cope with need.

But nevertheless, it is a sympathetic dog who could get out of such serious scrape. Now to him disability is not terrible. However, he has a sense of shame for the fact that now he will not be able fully to run, jump, walk, celebrate need. Very much we hope that to the kid will help to overcome the doubts on temporary overexposure or in new the house his future owners, he is worthy love and caress it is not less, than any other tail.

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