• Dec 17, 2020

Should paying tribute, Marta is a beauty of the first class. It is a true dolmatinka with an exclusive color. There is no such dog in the world though a drop similar to it. Stately, large, pretty, with a deep conscious kind look, with open friendly character, but at the same time self-sufficient temper. In Mart's offense of will not give, in any case. Those who care for it now, know all its cracks and since the childhood were near, a breast will become in its protection and will look very fixedly to you in the face if you want to become for Marta parents.


Такая insistence with an ulterior motive. Does not hear March since the birth. But this defect, strangely enough, did not begin to limit it in anything. In spite of the fact that Marta does not hear, she precisely will understand that you want to tell it. She is clever and quick-witted, she knows basic teams, is brought perfectly up, focused on the person, has good endurance and knows the own worth. Nothing threatens her life. The dog is healthy, and her deafness does not respond to treatment, but also does not demand any additional inspections or investments. Investments are demanded by Marta. First of all, sincere, human.


Девочка special in terms of lack of hearing, but the most usual in terms of any tail. She lives life of an ordinary dog. Pets, susceptible to sounds, do the same, as. Even the sign language should not be learned. It is simple to conform to several simple rules of communication with it, but the most important – not to consider her the disabled person, the cripple or defective, to love very much as you love the person close to you. To be sincere, to listen, respect. From it such serious approach to the choice of her future parents. March looks for the house!

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