• Feb 5, 2019

of the Rule of recovery of animals, living many millions years ago, did not undergo big changes. However the accumulated information revealed a set of additional opportunities. To understand how do reconstruction of the died-out animals and people, it is necessary to know that the main construction material are bone tissues as finding of the remained skeleton belongs to unique finds.

The Died-out Animals

Formation of the died-out organism

On the basis of the found smallest remains and the subsequent work which is based on knowledge of proportions and computer technologies the form of the organism living many years ago is formed.

creation Stages:

  • reproduction of a skeleton;
  • binding soft fabrics.

Reconstruction of a Species of the Died-out Animals

Often as initial material there is one medley. From it collecting a skeletal basis of separate bodies is conducted.

From time to time work takes with

more than a decade.

Not always information is enough therefore should do orientation to the similar organisms living during that era.

Considerably the computer facilitates work. Now there is a possibility of creation of 3D models. The three-dimensional image of bones is formed.

by means of comparative anatomy can be understood how the animal stood on the feet, moved and what led a life.

The size of crests on bones speaks about existence of powerful muscles and as it fastened. By the size of openings in bone tissues through which there passed bunches of nerves information on blood supply of an organism is generated.

If in breed where the animal lay, prints of external fabrics remained, it gives reliable information about a condition of an external cover. In other cases п should be guided by climatic conditions of the nature .

Restoration of a human face

There is a number of signs on which it is possible to restore a human face.

Main of them:

Reconstruction of Faces of the Died People

  • The top part of soft tissues of nose repeats its bone back, and a cartilaginous zone — the place of nasal cutting.
  • In profile situation eyeballs do not act abroad eye-sockets.
  • Otvisaniye of a lower lip is defined by correctness of a bite.
  • Temporal muscles form a face form.

When begins process of reconstruction of a skull, optimum material for this purpose is plasticine. It is suitable for restoration not only a human face, but also any other animal.

the Relief of a skull gives a clear idea of degree of development of facial muscles . It is connected with what during a sting of their muscles has to be enough for deduction of the victim.

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