• Jan 22, 2021

Domestic shelters with special diligence monitor work of foreign colleagues zoodefenders. Those, not always cope and ask for help. For example, to transport and find the temporary or constant house to pets who especially suffered much from hands of the person or even from the same thrown neighbors in open-air cages.
For example, this beauty arrived from Cyprus.


На a look it certainly reminds figcaption id="caption-attachment-30580" a hound. But inclinations of clever and capable breed did not fall down it. In the Cyprian shelter to it fairly got. Many dogs quickly accustom and even establish the rules where the strongest survives. Prose – so beautifully called our heroine, could not join collective, as well as could not become on own protection. Without giving on that reasons, it constantly took the battering from the neighbors.

Sometimes their claims were expressed not only in frightening bark as if threat, but also in a lapoprikladstvo. The prose was constantly bitten, scratched, smothered, drove into a corner. It is absolutely non-conflicting dog. Careful, accurate, soft, good-natured — such it is the simplest to intimidate and zagnobit, especially, when nobody intercedes for them. But now everything changed! For the girl the whole team which any more will never give it in offense.


Прозе should sew up, patch all its wounds, to wait for their full healing. It is very sensitive, will easily study all teams necessary for future family. For walk it is ready to wait, but very young needs frequent walking, so far. But it is not all its advantages. Cheerful, active and very beautiful, is guided by the person and always to seek to wait everything – what else is necessary for the ideal friend?!

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