• Mar 4, 2020

Mashka is incredibly sensitive dog. Its nickname speaks for itself: the compact little red girl, naughty, mild, fragile, but at the same time courageous, very bright, always knows what she wants and as to her to reach it. Real pushful person.

Despite an iridescent solar color of a hair, a naughty look and infinitely wagging tail, such miracle once began to hate. The mouse by some miracle was pleasant to one of the Russian provincial families. People starved, to put it mildly, very modestly, is unsuccessful. Was not enough for livelihood even for people, without speaking about pets.


Мышка was provided to itself by img-responsive. Looked for food independently, walked independently. Also it was necessary only rare minutes of oblivion and greedy caress which with boredom was given from time to time by her owners.

At some point presence of a dog strongly complicated life to people. Or perhaps the baby got into a trouble itself from vagrant life. Anyway, the dog was found with severe poisoning. She looked exhausted, weakened, and analyses threw physicians in shock. In its blood found deadly amount of chemicals. As they got to an organism of the baby — nobody can conclude. A mouse it was necessary to hospitalize, it is long wearisome and expensively to bring out of this state.

But now the beauty pleases all with the presence. Probably, thawed heart of the baby, there is no need to worry for the safety more. Unless only for that, kind of it to be pleasant to the person and to find the dearest and faithful owner.

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