• Sep 20, 2019
went hiking Daisy's

with the owner very often, but once again, unfortunately, everything ended tragically. the 64-year-old man fell, having been traumatized incompatible with life. But Daisy remained with the owner to the last.

The wife of the man reported about loss him together with a dog when they long did not come back home. Services of rescue right there turned to work and moved off in searches. The list of geolocations found at his place on which those places which it was going to visit were noted helped with it. The search group was sent to each of them.

During search, one of workers suddenly heard dog bark and went to its party, after a while having seen in the distance the dog similar to Daisy described to it. To reach it and to find a body of the dead of the man nearby, it needed half an hour more because of dense vegetation in the forest and strong differences of ground level.

the Search group expressed separate gratitude to a dog: "If not bark of devoted Daisy, we could not find the gone person".

photo: thebark.com

Certainly, it is a sad story. However it tells not just about death of the person, but also about boundless devotion of his dog. Daisy did not abandon the owner, helped rescuers to find him and saved herself. Some more days – and everything could do will end even more tragically.

It is only possible to assume how it was heavy Daisy of one in the cold forest who lost the favourite owner. It is necessary to hope that she and her hostess widow will be able to help to endure this terrible event each other.

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