• Aug 28, 2020

the Puppy of the Chinese crested was born in the well-known city of Sochi. It, the amusing and unusual kid, with love and joy the young family a sort from North Ossetia took away. The puppy also went to the same region. The edge of severe customs and conservative traditions, to put it mildly, cold accepted rare color.

At first neighbors and friends of young couple hinted at what crested looks at least strange, unlike clear and habitual pit bull terriers, boxers and a staff. And the large combative breed is loved there and accept more because such not only the pet is, but also can execute practical function. For example, to protect, protect, serve.


Китайская crested is not capable figcaption id="caption-attachment-28285" of it, it not practical, it too unfairly expensive, whimsical and in general "ugly", "infectious", "sick". Such arguments were heard in the address and to a dog by its owners. Persecution continued long months. Reproaches, sneers, jeers, even threats of punishment of a dog — to invite guests, it was already simply impossible to share news, to communicate and walk with a dog.


Пара long thought and decided to get rid of a dog, to transfer him to a local shelter. Nobody will condemn them, there is no time for it, now the main thing — to attach the thrown and humiliated poor fellow. Call him Charlie. He is madly friendly, house, tender, understanding. Already now he feels much better. He knows that it is a dog, same too, as well as all tails. And he deserves happiness too in spite of the fact that it is not pleasant to someone. Charlie is not the hundred-dollar note that it is pleasant to all. It is not a thing which is obliged to be useful. This living being who wants the good relation to itself which is ready to give in exchange everything that it has.

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