• Jan 15, 2020

, mother of the three-year-old baby by the name of Aliviya, it was strongly surprised with unexpected turn of affairs, having returned to the room where the girl, after literally couple of minutes of absence played.

The dog by nickname Cupcake, ideally clean before Dzhonna left the room, from legs to the head was covered with drawings by paints. To wash it, it was necessary to try very much.

Photo: metro.co.uk

"I left in a toilet for a minute and left the daughter to play with her set for drawing in the room. When I returned, was already late – our snow-white Cupcake was ornamented in all colors of the rainbow – lines of pink, violet, blue, green and black colors".

"After the short moment of absolute shock, I laughed and quicker went to the bathroom, to return to a dog its natural color".

Fortunately, Cupcake was not against such unexpected surge in creative abilities of Aliviya at all and with pleasure played with it. It even returned back to the room and villages near the girl after a shower, for certain expecting fun continuation.

Photo: metro.co.uk
"A dog – the best friend of the child. It is visible that Cupcake it was pleasant to spend time with Aliviya such unusually".
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