• Jan 15, 2020

Winston lived in a shelter in Britain. It – Moscow sentry. It was once brought from Bulgaria where he strongly suffered from ill treatment.

And this year at it found a heart trouble which demanded treatment.

Recently, in its late evening and other dogs were released on the street on small walk before going to bed.

photo: metro.co.uk

But there was unexpected — someone near a shelter started fireworks, and Winston who terribly was afraid of loud sounds was frightened and escaped from a type of workers.

The hostess of a shelter says:

"From very was afraid of loud cottons. All of us shocked and at all did not expect fireworks shots at this moment".

"Dogs walked in the yard when cottons suddenly were heard. All ran back inside at once, but we noticed that Winston among them was not".

photo: metro.co.uk

A little after it found, but was already late.

"It had a heart attack, and he fell asleep under a terrace, forever".

She adds:

"We are obliged to remind people as fireworks for dogs with noise phobias are terrible. "It also led to his death. He all life suffered in hands of irresponsible people, but remained the most devoted dog".

In a shelter in which there lived Winston there live about 50 more dogs saved from all corners of the world.

According to the largest organization for rescue of animals in Britain, at least 45% of dogs show signs of fear during the fireworks.

photo: metro.co.uk

In order that to help a dog who is afraid of loud sounds to cope in similar situations and not to lose the pet, it is necessary not only to find out fear it or the phobia, to understand the causes and to ask the expert for the help!

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