• Jul 7, 2020

to Unfortunate Yakhont or just Yashenka was prepared a bitter fate. He was born the homeless. His parents are the same mongrels, as well as he. And nobody could guarantee it heat, a shelter, love and family. Especially nobody could promise full and happy life. Jascha was a skilled street wanderer and already did not hope for anything.


Жил to itself is lonely, cold, sad and hungry. Sometimes Jascha managed to find something valuable and even a little appetizing. Unfinished sandwich, a piece of bread or the withered bone — any of overpopulated joyfully ate greedily Jascha. Especially a part it found pleasant goodies at the railway station at city boundaries. There he was a frequent guest. There is a lot of people, always to eat than profit and spend the night in the covered town it was comfortable.

Jascha 5 years, and he is still young, vigorous spirit. But somehow time happened to it the case which divided on "to" and "after" his life. It was hit by the train. Just did not notice, did not hear, was not in time, did not react and pleased on the fleshy car. The train turned a body of a dog into rags. All station hearing its roar about the help, a gnash of brakes. In everyone something missed a bit. Only when life of the homeless appeared on a hair, all locals and lodgers of the station learned about its existence.


Его was still possible and it was necessary to save. Straight from ways, the dog was delivered in a local clinic. But the blow caused an irreparable loss to health Jascha. It lost hinder legs and one eye. But the kid was tried to be helped very much. And from this the real miracle turned out! Now the most terrible behind: weeks of treatment, rehabilitation. Yasha even has a carriage, and he quite got used and got skilled at to present circumstances. He is vigorous spirit, quietly copes with all the needs, keeps optimism and longs very little, it has no family. The dog special, but also she wants happiness!

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