• Oct 17, 2019

The girl by the name of Klara suffers from a disease of a liver because of which all unnecessary substances instead of being brought out of an organism, come back to a body. They collect under skin at the girl and cause a terrible itch and burning. Klara's skin is covered with scars from combing.

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Mother of the girl admits that Klara wakes up at the nights, shouting from pain. Medicine which once helped also her elder brother with the same disease does not work any more. The only exit – liver transplantation.

However until the liver is found and Klara should live every day in terrible pain, her parents decided what the best decision will be to bring specially trained dog who would help Klara easier to endure her state into the house.

Goldendudl Chester visits the girl several times a week and spends near her the whole day.

Photo: metro.co.uk

To help Klara to comb less skin, Chester is trained to put accurately paws on her hands and legs, thus creating a soft obstacle. Days when the girl is visited by Chester, are invaluable – they allow the injured skin to be restored and heal.

When Chester is near, Klara turns into absolutely other child. He puts the head to her on knees, and at these moments she can relax.

The family is not able to afford to buy Chester yet forever for this reason he spends only certain days with Klara. However and they very much help the girl.

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