• Sep 16, 2019

Images of dogs often are published in comics for children and adults. The very first comic book which was published in the American newspapers at the beginning of the 20th century, tells us about a mastiff show. It became the beginning of hour of triumph of dogs – heroes of comics.

The comic book by the artist from Belgium Erzhe of "Tingting's Adventure" became extremely popular. The hero of the comic book – the crafty reporter whose loyal friend was a fox terrier Mila (or as the Russian translators solved, It is small). The intuition and Mila's charm come to the rescue of Tingting more than once. And though this doggie is not able to speak, thoughts of people for him – the open book.

sobaka the fox terrier Is small to Chalk in comics "Tingting

the Dog in comics "Tingting's Adventures". Photo: flickr.com

In the comic book "Asteriks from Gallia" of Rene Gosinni and Albert Ouderzo one of heroes – a dog of Dogmatiks (Fixed idea). This is the inseparable fellow traveler and the loyal friend of Obeliks motivating the owner to act. Догматикс it was so fallen in love to public that became the main hero of separate releases.

In comics "Nutlets" by Charles Schultz the dog of Snupi often behaves like the person. He not only dances attendance, but also puts on as we, and even writes novels. And its box is equipped with all imaginable and inconceivable conveniences, including a pool table. And though the behavior of Snupi does not differ from human, he can only tell on dog language . On the basis of comics the cartoon serial was created.

Dog of Snupi in Comics of a Photo

On a photo: hero of comics dog of Snupi. Photo: flickr.com

Act as full heroes of a dog in the Japanese comics the manga. For example, Gin, an Akita Ina , will tell us about how wild dogs hunted bears and grappled with the bear demon terrorizing inhabitants of mountainous areas of Japan. This story contains eighteen volumes, and each of them made the stunning success.

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