• Nov 16, 2018


Yurasovo Voskresensky's inhabitants of municipal district of the Moscow region try to catch several days a dog in a muzzle.

A few days ago one of locals Yurasovo Alexander posted in network a photo of a dog who, attached and in a muzzle, sat near local shop. And about a dog soft toys and food lay.

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the Dog, though in a muzzle, but to himself did not admit
, was aggressive. It was impossible to release the captive from an imprisonment. People were afraid. But nevertheless there were virtues, the dog was untied … And now the task even more became complicated. Not only that it and remained in a muzzle, so now to take off it, it is necessary to catch an animal.


Alexander's post on social networks caused an unknown resonance. Many inhabitants of Yurasovo hurried to the aid of the poor creature. The dog constantly returned to that place where he was left by owners. But nobody managed to catch it. He turns aside and runs away. The poor fellow is in a terrible stress, is frightened … But does not allow to help itself.

People bring the food cut with small pieces … Try to allure and feed a dog.

In comments on a post everyone reports where he saw a dog … With calls for help Alexander and other not indifferent address nearby Beloozersky's inhabitants, Ramenskoye of areas, Voskresensk.

Photo: vk.com/wall-66358456_261414

Are in parallel conducted search and owners of a dog. Who this way cruelly could act with the former favourite? The dog is not familiar to none of Yurasovo's inhabitants. Perhaps, it was specially brought from far away and left on a leash near shop in a muzzle … To what torments those who are called people doomed this unfortunate animal.

Alexander promises: at establishment of persons of owners of a dog he will with own hand write the application for them in police.

It is impossible to leave unpunished such acts!


And search of a doggie continues … If who saw a dog in a muzzle or something knows about his owners, write.

We will trace information on search of a dog.

We trust in the best!

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