• Dec 21, 2020

the Dog by nickname the Geranium were brought to a shelter by own parents. The dog did not suspect anything doubtful of this trip, and especially did not suspect at all that this meeting will be the last with her members of household. Fervently sat in the car, observed from a window and expected where it will be brought and what will be engaged on it time in. "Real adventure" — the Geranium thought and very strongly was mistaken.


С a dog, according to owners, just did not cope. She was, according to their version, too young, active, inquisitive, bright, unruly, otherwise, capricious and uncontrollable. It at first amused people. They understood that it is still a puppy, so, time of the most cheerful mischief, adventures and sometimes even losses. But over time teenage omnipresence did not pass and began to irritate literally.

The geranium besides excessive energy was not able to get on with relatives. To correct a situation, to make plans and to plan the purposes on the fastest discipline and socialization of the pet people did not become. Chose the line of least resistance: the dog was thrown out from the house and from the life, having crossed out all good that these several years in family were acquired. Coolly, ruthlessly, heartlessly carried and left without shadow of doubts, regrets on a face, decided that the Geranium is doomed to remain forever wild, unrestrained and, probably, to nobody necessary.


Герань stayed the whole four years in a shelter. During this time it could learn a lot of things. At first she still very strongly grieved for family, but all the time treats. Four years not only could help the Geranium to forget treachery, to cheer up, but also at last to become the ideal member of household.


Герань could master the feelings, learned to control itself, to be conscious, reserved, but to keep in itself youthful passion, a positive and thirst for cheerful life. Knows teams, organized and perfectly gets on with people and children. One sometimes nevertheless is given it difficult: not always from the first it turns out to get on with relatives. But it is fixable when the Geranium at last appears in family and will understand that for fears there will be no reasons any more. The geranium looks for the house!

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