• Jan 6, 2021

Dora inherited a sad fate. Without expecting that, the dog remained practically an orphan though prerequisites to lonely hungry life were not. The large stately girl of a beautiful color, incredibly kind look was pleasant to the parent at once.

The man with pleasure of visors of the pet under the guardianship, positive experience was: in the company to a cat the new pet increased. Absolutely polar warehouse of character the dog always differs on manners and thinking from cat's, but pets perfectly got on, than the man immensely was proud and admired.


Но, having defeated utterly a popular expression about bewitched hostility between a cat and a dog, the harmony in family did not become. The man died, and there was nobody to look after his amicable pets. Tails encouraged themselves as could. Sometimes they managed to regale on entertainments of acquaintances of the man, but it was so rare that pets literally ran wild in months of the forced hunger strike.

Somehow by a lucky chance relatives of the died man learned about existence of a shelter and got acquainted with his employees. Douro with open arms agreed to shelter. But after happy house life of it it is categorically not enough to feel fully.


Дора – that case when without person hardly, difficult, it is scared, drearily, alone, bitterly. Incredibly becomes attached, adapts, gets used, adapts, misses. The girl needs the house, a shoulder nearby, but also behind her business will not stand. The dog is able to be on friendly terms, support, to console, amuse, heat the heat. But the girl is still young and she needs attention 24/7, fascinating occupations, communication, intellectual games while she is still young and her energy it is necessary to direct. Therefore parents are necessary keen, active. Are sure, Dore will carry!

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