• Jan 15, 2020
Hardly on light still remained

the person who did not see Bu's photo, known as the loveliest dog on the planet.

Photo: metro.co.uk

About Bu wrote several books, one of which in a consequence was translated into 10 languages, issued the calendar with its photos, and still it was published in the whole series of children's books. Agree, for a dog it is just unprecedented success! In due time Bu collected 17.5 million likes on Facebook.

But on January 19 on a page the last record appeared. To shock of millions, she notified the world on Bu's death. He was 12 years old, and he left on a rainbow in a dream early in the morning.

Photo: metro.co.uk

Owners of the loveliest dog write: "Hearts of our family are broken, but we are glad that he does not feel pain and discomfort any more. We know what is there, on other party, he will be met by his best friend, Buddy".

Buddy is absent since 2017, and owners consider that after the death of the friend Bu's heart simply did not sustain loss. Then it also had problems with health.

Photo: metro.co.uk

"Since I created Bu's page in Facebook, I for many years received so many letters in which it was told how Bu helped people in hard times and introduced a little heat in their life. And in it there was also all sense. Bu brought so much joy to people. He existed the happiest dog".

Record comes to an end with gratitude to all veterinarians who helped to care for Bu and Buddy.

Photo: metro.co.uk
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Though Bu any more, it still very long will not be forgotten, and his photos will lighten the mood to people worldwide still for many years.

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