• Jun 4, 2020

the Beauty Sonata with a graceful art name passed not the cultural past. In his dog life there was a lot of cruelty and treacheries. She tormented, exhausted, starved to death literally was snatched out from hands of fleecers. Heartless people starved and beat a dog, and neighbors constantly complained of her call about the help. One of such complaints brought a dog into a shelter.


Так took care of Sonata properly. Cured its physical and sincere wounds, showed love in all beauty, let and temporary. Employees tried to inspire very much in the baby that she is not guilty of how treated her, deserves bigger. Some attempts to adopt Sonata seemed at first sight successful, but the girl, for some reason, again and again returned in a shelter though in her there are no defects at all.


Красавица with a noble white color, the kindest and sensitive brown eyes, a red nose, a fluffy tail and ears upright knows that is costed by human good. Will always listen and will understand, will please with the playful mood, will decorate your day in any weather. This is the true friend who did not find to himself the companion capable to cover him with the soft and warm wing yet. She never dares to intrude upon your leisure, it is bad to betray or arrive because it is not spoiled by care, attention and love. Sonata still hopes to find the best friend.

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