• Oct 17, 2019

Builders from Estonia who risked lives to get a dog from ice water, strongly were surprised when спасёныш it was … a wolf.

Photo: people.com

Having got almost to death the frozen animal on the land, first of all they began to dry it towels then carried in the warm car. The wolf who was still considered then a dog quietly put the head on knees to one of workers and so reached to veterinary clinic.

Photo: people.com

Doctors found out at once what completely explained quiet behavior of a wild animal: low blood pressure. It was given first aid at a hypothermia.

However the wolf in him precisely was recognized by the local hunter. He assumed that he is about one year old.

After that, being rather afraid that the wolf, having felt better, will return to the natural state of a wild wild animal, veterinarians placed it in a cage while it was restored after shock.

Photo: people.com

Every other day the wolf could be already released back in the wild nature.

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