• Jan 15, 2020

This remarkable dog of breed a Siberian Huskies of the whole three times helped the hostess, having scented at it a disease. For the first time it happened to
in 2013. The Sierra was only 9 months old when she moved to the new hostess Stephanie from her son who went to work to other country.

"Then she touched a nose the lower part of my stomach and began to sniff up something so strenuously that I thought whether I on myself spilled something. It did it three times in a row, and then somewhere hid. Absolutely hid from me".

Stephanie felt small pains in that area, but already went about it to the doctor who convinced her that well and prescribed everything to it soothing.
the Sierra as, it appeared, knew more, than doctors.

photo: sunnyskyz.com

Several weeks later Stephanie visited the doctor again. Only this time the diagnosis was another — cancer. Having undergone through long and heavy operations and procedures and chemotherapy, Stephanie, appear, won against an artful disease.

But also after that the Sierra two more times began to behave very strange, in 2015 and then in 2016. And both times it was right: the disease returned.

Now Stephanie is 52 years old, and she does not cease to look at life optimistically.
"I am obliged by life to the dog. It – my real guardian angel. She never before was mistaken in the presentiments".

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