• Aug 14, 2019

The Belgian sheep-dog by the name of Chile is a dog whose nose can save millions of dollars, protect hundreds of jobs and potentially provide the future of the growing hothouse industry of Canada.

Last year there was the present tragedy — the tiny invasive wrecker, a peppery weevil, completely ruined greenhouses and yielded enormous losses to producers of pepper in Canada.

Getting into stalks, eating and laying eggs there, this wrecker provoked death of the whole harvest. Not quite ripe pepper just fell to the ground, and together with them both the salaries of workers, and the largest producer of greenhouse pepper in North America.

53 hectares of greenhouses underwent infection and whatever tried for fight against weevils – nothing brought result.

The complexity of a situation consisted also that the company does not apply pesticides to pest control, and tries to use natural enemies of wreckers. But weevils got to greenhouses from Mexico, and they did not have natural opponents in Canada.

But once to the employee of the company responsible for pest control, the ingenious thought came to mind. Having remembered dogs who are trained to sniff up bugs, he suggested to train dogs to sniff up weevils. First all only laughed at its offer, but when there is no other option left and a situation threatened to turn back accident, the decision was made – it is tried!

Having contacted the cynologist training dogs to find explosive, drugs and to conduct trace work, the company received the answer: "Give me a smell which needs to be found, and I will train a dog to find its source".

For training of Chile, a dog whom the cynologist specially found at manufacturers in Mexico used live weevils in small small bottles with the punched covers. To force Chile to work with pleasure, the aportirovka was used – found the hidden jar with weevils – received an award! But success consisted not so much in a training method how many in uniqueness Chile. Already 5 weeks later the dog was capable to sniff up weevils in stalks of the infected plants.

Now every day Chile makes a round of a hothouse complex. She sniffs up weevils everywhere from where they can get to greenhouses — in loading docks, in the distributive shop, on the equipment, on wooden pallets. The territory of a complex is huge and therefore to Chile huge responsibility for safety of plants lies.

At this experiment with hope are looked also by other greenhouse facilities which face similar problems too. Well? Let's wish Chile success and good sense of smell!)

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